A Webpreneur serving Solopreneurs, small and medium sized businesses since 1999. Collaborate on bigger global projects that would touch more people and rapidly raise their level of awareness on the planet. A Freethinker by nature.

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Is HABIT GRAVITY holding you back?

First off, I want to share with you something that is a definitely holding back from our success.I think here are FOUR of the most common PATTERNS that keeps showing up in our journey:1. PROCRASTINATION.Saying and not doing. We blame life's punches, and it's low...

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Money Affirmations That Works

Money and Abundance, and lack thereof, is an energy flow that you are attracting into your life. I not only subscribe to this REALITY, I embrace and practice it every day - and why not? If it works, that's ALL you need to know.In the last three months, I have used and...

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When We Forgive, We Truly Become Free.

Happy Sunday!Most of us are living in the past and anxious about the future... rating ourselves for the things that have happened to us,,,, and not being able to moving forward...We need to forget and FORGIVE....And MOVE ON!Close your eyes...Now let...

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It’s Time To Hit The Reset Button.

You are convinced that something MUST change. But you are struggling to figure it out.   Sometimes an area of your life, or perhaps more than one, has gone COMPLETELY OFF TRACK and you feel like you can’t move forward.   I have experienced this heavy and...

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Connect to your dormant energy and power.

As entrepreneurs, we need to be motivated each and every day. What motivates us not just the money but something far greater than that.If you  are lucky enough to figure out the purpose behind the work that you do everyday then it can fuel your whole...

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Are You An Entrepreneur Or Wantepreneur?

An average American spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime.But 87% of Americans have no passion for their jobs.And 80% of US workers are outright dissatisfied with their jobs.Americans spend 19 full work days a year stuck in traffic on their...

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Hone into your uniqueness and learn to express it well.

One of the biggest mistake in marketing is when you start looking, sounding, and posturing like every other cool person in your industry.Your message gets drowned in a sea of same-sounding messages, and you are always struggling to get noticed.Eventually...

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