Illusions that keep you tied to the system

You don’t even have to look too hard to see that modern life is set around the attainment of things that are supposed to make us happy.

The thing is, all these “things” that are supposed to bring us peace are nothing more than an illusion set forth by a larger “establishment” that has managed to control the way we feel by invading our minds with images and ideas of how things “should” be.

We are conditioned to think certain ways, patterned to take on conformist views and tie our idea of happiness to someone else’s puppet show.

We have been fed these illusions our entire lives, unfortunately with many of us still mesmerized by these lies.

The Illusion of Happiness

We have been led to believe that happiness comes in what we attain in this lifetime.

We have been fed the illusion that money creates happiness, because with money we can buy the “things” that buys the status, which buys the happiness.

The thing is though, all these fancy cars and clothes and big houses aren’t what really make for lasting happiness.

That’s just what they want you to believe so you buy into their system and put money in their pockets.

Real happiness is something found within not through the material goods that we’re made to believe define who we are.

Happiness is found through an abundance of health, positive relationships, love for ourselves and the world around us. The more people that believe happiness is found through the material, the more people slip away from the true nature of reality.

The Illusion of Authority

This is a big one. The powers that be have gotten everyone under the illusion of law, authority, and government so that we are blinded to believe the authority we hear even if it vastly differs from the truth.

Following the law and listening to authority is what we’ve all been programmed to do, and we all do it, some just more blindly than others.

What authority really comes down to is control. Step too far out of what they want you do or be and you’re trapped.

Unfortunately, it is the authority of those in control who have placed this illusion on us all.

They brainwash us to believe they are keeping us safe, when in reality all they’re keeping us from is stepping closer to the truth.

They know that if we see the illusion of authority for what it truly is, that they would no longer have any control.

Therefore, they keep us trapped, oppressed in systems that are not for the people, but for the chosen people.

All law and authority is an illusion within itself. Something made up that is based on nothing but oppression and social injustice.

The Illusion of Time

Time is another of the grand illusions that keeps us closely tied to the system.

We have been programmed to follow these clocks and this calendar, keeping us nicely tied in with the rest of the illusions they have set up for us.

If we just follow nicely along with their concept of time, we will forget that the present moment is all we truly ever have. We won’t even realize that life is just one big extension of the present moment.

This fits nicely in with their plan. They have us worried about the past, thinking we should be upset because of what happened there.

They have us worried about the future and all energy concentrated away from what really matters the most. Now.

The Illusion of Freedom

If you think you’re really free, it’s time to think again. We are not free.

Freedom means having a choice, something that yes we have, but the choices we do have are limited.

From the food you eat to the products you buy, we are limited in our choices of what we can do, say, be, or have.

There are imaginary borders that make up the entire world, a place that should be ours to roam free, yet this freedom is very limited.

Everything we are offered in our “freedom” is a choice given to us by the same people that are running this system through corrupt legalities and invasive untruths.

These illusions are offered to you as a guide. We can either wake up to these truths or we can continue to turn a blind eye and be forever suppressed.

This is exactly what they’re trying to do. Wake up. Lift the veils of illusion that keep you tied to the system and find true meaning within the confines of your own limitless mind.

Abe Cherian