List Building Mistakes

“The money is in the lists.”

As an affiliate marketer you’ve probably heard that one hundreds of times.

And it’s true – but not if you’re doing it wrong!

It should read ‘Money is in the lists only if you know what you’re doing’.

If you’re taking a stab at it, though, chances are that you’re doing it wrong and you’re costing yourself cold, hard cash.

On a list of affiliate marketing mistakes, messing up your list building reigns supreme.

Botch that one and everything you do after will have a significantly diminished impact.

It’s like trying to run a marathon with a 50-pound weight strapped to your ankle.

You’ll get to the finish line, eventually, but you’ll probably get there last and with a mangled leg.

Save yourself some time and brush up on list building mistakes to avoid.

Not building a list!

I really don’t want to waste too much time on this one.

Bottom line – if you’re not building a list, you are doing it wrong. End of discussion.

With it, you will be able to reach more people, warm them up to your offers, build a natural relationship with people on it, and more.

The average return on every dollar you spend on email marketing is $44.25!

Pass it up at your own peril.

Build it, expand it, and nurture it and they will come. Sales, I mean.

Not Managing Your Lists The Right Way

You really can’t do much without one these days. You will be sending out hundreds of emails to your lists and you need the reliability that autoresponder services provide.

  • Deliverability – a good autoresponder service makes sure that your email lands in the inbox instead of being singled out and tossed in the junk folder.
  • Insurance – you can back up your lists regularly and make sure that they are protected in case something goes belly up or your data gets corrupted.
  • Autopilot – simply schedule your emails to go out to certain segments of your list at a predetermined date and time.

There are more benefits to working with a professional autoresponder service but these ones will give the biggest boost to your overall marketing efforts.

As for specific services, you might want to try out.

  • ListStream (a service that we provide) – Designed by email marketers for email marketers!
  • Aweber – Aweber currently boasts the best deliverability rates so if that’s you primary concern make sure to test it out
  • MailChimp – MailChimp is user friendly and gives you the added benefit of managing your smaller lists (up to 500 in size) without charge. If you’re just starting out you will want to give it a try.
  • ConvertKit – This service has been growing in popularity in 2015 and is expected to do so this year as well. One of its strongest points is the superb segmentation feature.

Asking something for nothing

Imagine I knocked on your door and asked for $10.

Would you give them to me? Or slam the door to my face?

Same applies when you’re asking people for their email address.

It’s a game of tit for tat – you have to offer something of substantial value to your audience in order to get them to subscribe.

They are well-aware of the fact that you will use their email to try and sell them something and they are reluctant to give it for free.

  • In-depth guides
  • E-books
  • Whitepapers
  • Case studies
  • Exclusive videos

These are just several types of content you can use to get people to relinquish their precious email address to your keeping.

Leverage the power of lead magnets and you will soon see a ton of opt-ins.

A poorly designed squeeze page

A squeeze page in affiliate marketing list building should be about one thing and one thing only: getting people to subscribe.

Regardless of whether it’s an opt-in page you drive people to or a pop-up opt-in page they get served right before their click the X button, it should be void of all distractions and frills.

A lot of times I see a lot of frivolous copy on there and even more distracting images but what’s lacking is substance, a hook, and a clear call to action.

Make sure your squeeze page is nice and clean and tells people what they’re going to get in exchange for leaving their email address with you.

PRO TIP: Test everything! Every once in a while pick one element on your squeeze page and fiddle with it.

Change the action word from ‘TRY THIS’ to ‘GET THIS’, change the color of your call to action button, play with the copy, or try a different freebie – shake things up and see what gets the best results.

The point is to keep tweaking everything until you get it just right.

Poor opt-in form design and placement

If you have a blog than making sure that your opt-in form is visible and gets attention is crucial.

Otherwise, you’re failing to transform casual readers into dedicated subscribers.

First, you will want to keep your opt-in form at the top of the page.

Clean design and a clear call to action will go a long way in getting people to notice it.

Also, you will want to keep it light when it comes to information you’re collecting.

Getting their name is great but people are lazy.

If you see that your opt-in form is not performing as it should, try to reduce its elements to bare essentials – ask for their email only and collect their name with an offer of exclusive content once you start emailing them.

PRO TIP: If one of your posts goes viral, jump at the opportunity to make use of it.

I got lucky a couple of times – I got a ton of links to several of my posts and managed to grow my lists substantially just by adding my opt-in form to the bottom of every post, right before the comments sections.

These were great popular posts that people appreciated so they were not hesitant to leave their email with me in the hopes of getting some quality content in the future.

However, I made the decision easier for them by adding the opt-in for right after content.

When it comes to list building, make sure you’re learning from other people’s mistakes and you will save both time and money.

The sooner you get your lists up and running, the sooner they will start generating income.

Mess things up and all that revenue is a passed opportunity, you’re never getting it back.

Did you struggle with list building, too? Drop down by the comments section and share your story – let’s help each other out!