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About Abe Cherian

Hi, I am Abe Cherian, WELCOME to my blog!

Online entrepreneur since 1999. Founder and CEO of Multiple Stream Media and Owner of AdClickMedia.com , Webtraffic21.com and ListStream.net.

My interest in Yoga & Meditation practices led me to travel  extensively and to start a Spirituality Community platform online (http://spiritualityweb.com) in the hopes of elevating human consciousness.

My goal with this blog is to share, inspire and connect with people who are searching for a deeper meaning in their life. I can already see this blog as a “transformational tool” for me. That is the intention. These posts are not “rantings”, “rough drafts”, or even a “journal”, but ideas that resonate with me. By publishing it, I hope it will be useful at some level to you as well.

Want to get to know me better? Here is my story, that was published on  the Book, “Here’s How I Did It”.

You can read a Chapter and My Story here.

Hope to connect with you!