entrepreneurship quality


There’s a big shift happening.

A shift in power.

Whereas before, scientists, politicians, and academics once held most of
the world’s power… the world’s power is now entering the hands of the

More and more, our world is becoming dominated by creative, brave
individuals who start businesses, non-profits, and international movements.

We’re seeing the rise of the entrepreneur.

And as the entrepreneur rises, other kinds of work will decline. They will
become scarcer.

Our world is heading towards an economy where entrepreneurial work is
(essentially) the only work.

We’ll probably still have some academics and politicians…

But basically, you’ll either be an entrepreneur or unemployed.


Because computers will be able to (for less money, in less time, and with
more skill than humans) do everything. Everything except for those things
which humans alone can do. Which is the work of the entrepreneur.

It’s just the trend of history right now.

And unless a giant meteorite comes and wipes out all of our technology
and knowledge, this trend is probably here to stay.

So one of the best ways to prepare for the future is to learn how to be
an entrepreneur.

But how do you do that?

Good question. Billionaire Manoj Bhargava, founder of 5 hour energy(read:
qualified entrepreneur”) said in a recent talk that a great entrepreneur
needs just two qualities:

(1) Common sense
(2) A sense of urgency

So if you have those two qualities, you have what it takes to tackle the
world’s entrepreneurial future.

And all you need now is to start doing.

Start putting those qualities into practice.