You have no idea…. how thankful I am to be connecting with many of you on social media in a meaningful way!

Thank You guys!… You are the BEST! and I am learning a lot everyday!

We are still on the topic of “Internet Business & Marketing”!

And today, I’d like to share my thoughts on being “authentic in a fake world” – and what that means to your online business & marketing.

It’s the latest trend in the business community… the word “authentic & transparency” is EVERYWHERE.

I think that’s a good thing… because For the longest time, corporations did unauthentic practices, and we accepted it as normal thing!

But now, people’s consciousness is expanding, and they DEMAND authenticity from the business community.

So marketers are now learning how to be “authentic”! 😆 I am sure there are even courses…. on “how to be authentic” out there… 😂

It’s come to a point where we need to be taught how to be ourselves! 😂

It’s true… many of us have a problem with being ourselves in certain situations… and so we imitate what we think is working for others.

We are like monkey’s that imitate the leaders in their community… Monkey see monkey do….right? 🙊

If I am being honest and authentic, and because I am taking you through my journey… I gotta tell you..

Just months ago my views on “authenticity” was quite different.

I thought that… people will not relate with me…. because I am different… and reliability is a big thing in marketing… RIGHT?

Little did I know… that people’s appearance and environment… might be different, but they are going through the same emotions and thoughts that I do.

They are people… just like me…. not below me in any way… or not above me in any way… Just human.

When we imitate others, we are wearing a mask and we cannot be our authentic self.

That makes us very uncomfortable…. and because we are uncomfortable with ourselves… we don’t go full force with our plans. We don’t take actions that advance us.

Because we are carrying around this MASK… called personality… That’s what “Personality” means… it’s a MASK that we put on to hide our real self.

If we strip off the personality…. we are left with just people… with the same problems in life.

I love this quote by Henry David Thoreau….

“Be yourself — not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be.”

So, when you market yourself and your business, make sure that you put a LOT OF YOU… in it… because that’s when you WIN!

Don’t try too hard to conform to other people idea of what should be, MAKE THEM GET USED TO YOU – then you WIN!

That’s my message today!

Have a great day!