change mindset, avoid minset
A couple years back, I met a man.
We’ll call him “Jim.”

Jim was a good guy. He worked hard. He was nice. He was smart. But he had one
fatal flaw:

He had a victim mindset.

What’s a “victim mindset”?

It’s when you think that your life is the product of other people’s choices.

Whenever circumstances get tough… whenever you feel miserable, whenever
important tasks don’t get done… “well, that’s someone else’s fault.” And,
“there’s nothing I can do about it.”

That’s a victim mindset.

People with a victim mindset think that they don’t have much say over their

They think that whatever life they end up with… there’s just not much they
can do to change it.

Which is a huge mistake.

It is because, when you have that mindset, you stop striving to change the things in
your life that are less than ideal. And when you do that, you end up with a life
that you don’t really want.

People dream about things like:

– The opportunity to work from home
– More work-life balance
– Not having to commute
– A bigger income
– More time with family

…but they rarely take steps to actually secure those things.


That’s because they think like Jim. They think that their lives are the product of
other people’s choices.  And that, they’re victims of fate.

But Jim was wrong. And they are wrong.

You just need two things to change your circumstances: (1) A Plan, and (2) A