Make Money Tips: Build Good Relationships And Connections

Make Money Tips: Build Good Relationships And Connections

Hope you are doing good this Sunday evening! I spend most of my day with my family celebrating my twin’s birthday!

And I wanted to do a quick video on something that’s so important that without this factor, it’s going to be close to impossible to make money or live your dreams.

I’ve been talking about MONEY all week, and I wanted touch on one of the most important factor that contributes to your financial success.

Your relationships and connections with people.

Without people there is no business. It doesn’t matter if you are selling your own products, or networking for another company.

Business is people and without people there is no business.

Connecting with people goes far beyond just saying hi to them on social media, and pushing your product on them.

We all get annoyed when that happens.

Relationships takes time. You can’t rush it.

You cannot have one or two conversations with someone and call it a solid good relationship.

It takes many many small and honest interactions to build that trust and loyalty.

Good relationships eases our pain and our suffering and it makes sense to have good relationships in business.

But you know what?

A study out there shows that human beings can only manage 150 good relationships in his or her life.

That’s a lot, but it’s enough to achieve anything you want in life… and ease each other’s pain.

We can only handle 150 close relationships, maximum, because of our time and memory shortage…

We don’t have the time to give to more than 150, and we don’t have the memory to remember more than a 150 names.

Our goal is to build that relationship, know them well enough to, learn some of their stories and the life that they are living.

A lot of people say that you are the sum total of the 5 people that you hang around with…and they often say that they better be all successful people.

I don’t subscribe to that… I think you should have relationships with people from different walks of life.

That way we don’t get polarized to one group of people… only the successful ones, or only the unfortunate ones..

I think we should have close relationship with all kinds of people… we become a well rounded human being that way.

So, relationship first before money…

Business is trading….. goods, products, services… etc.

Who are we gonna trade with? PEOPLE.. obviously.

And People are not dollar signs… When we give value to people, they pay back in dollars.

So relationship first… before money.

That’s my message today.

Have a great week ahead!


Money: Stop Chasing Money and Start Attracting It

Money: Stop Chasing Money and Start Attracting It

Today is International Yoga Day! And so Namaste’ to Y’all!

I did post something on Facebook about this ancient practice and what true Yoga is… so you can read that on my Facebook page if you are interested.

But I want to stick with the topic of “Money”, because that’s what I wanted to do… learn and share about different topics and this week’s topic is “money”.

In this video, I want to share a story with you to prove that if you “Chase Money”, you’ll get tired and eventually give up.

What we need to do is to make ourselves so valuable to people around you so that money will start chasing you.

You’ll start attracting money, when you make yourself valuable.

In my mid 20’s I used to work for a Direct Marketing company in Long Island, New York.

We sold all kinds of Business-to-Business services, door-to-door in the all five Burroughs in New York.

We sold Credit card machines, phone services, satellite dished… etc..

I used to go knocking at least 100 doors per day, everyday, to make a few sales.

I was newly married and I wanted to prove to my wife and my in-laws that I can take care of my family.

I did pretty well with selling door-to-door, but I was spending literally 13 to 14 hours a day away from my family… chasing the money.

Obviously, that didn’t work out well and we eventually split up.

And one day, I decided that I am not going to chase after money, and there were other ways of doing it.

When I gave my resignation letter, the director, “Mr. Matloff” seemed shocked.

He said, “Abe, you are one of the top guys here and you are going to lose out on the opportunity to be in the management position”

I said to him,.. “Mr. Matloff, if I had so much potential in me why don’t I start my own business, where I can actualize my potential without being jerked around? Wouldn’t that be the smartest thing to do?”

Obviously he didn’t have an answer to that.. so I left the company…

I didn’t quite get it, because when I started my business, I was still chasing after customers..

It’s not until later on in my career, that I learned that I can attract customers instead of chasing after them by being valuable to them.

I am still learning, and I see so much opportunity for all of us to be valuable to others so that we don’t have to chase after money.

Especially with technology and the Internet, where you can put your experience and knowledge out there where millions of people can benefit from.

As long as you’re chasing it, money will keep running away from you.

You’re the coyote and the money is the road runner.

Nobody likes to be chased, and caught, so you better believe that it will always run away from you when it sees you coming.

The second part is about attracting money, which means becoming valuable enough by yourself.

That money comes to you because of your skills and aptitude.

Let me explain.

The more valuable you become as an individual, the more people will want you to solve problems for them.

This is the fundamental difference between “consumers of value” and “creators of value”.

Stop chasing money, attract it by being “creators of value”.

Build your personal brand, share your knowledge, be valuable, and money will start chasing you.

That’s my Money Message for you today..

Have a happy and prosperous day!


Happy International Yoga Day!

Happy International Yoga Day!

Getting off the “Money” topic that I committed to learning and sharing with you….

Today is International Yoga Day!

Since the practice of Yoga has somewhat shaped my thinking, health, life and existence. I MUST share it with you my friend!

The “Studio Yoga” that we see all over the world is good to bring awareness to this ancient Indian Practice. But, Yoga is much more than that.

The goal of the Yoga practice is to realize the Ultimate You/Self and to merge your very being with super conscious being. We all merge into the super conscious being when we die, but Yoga gives you a chance to realize the self while we are living.

You may ask, why should I merge with the Ultimate Super conscious being now, if I am going to merge into it when I die? Shouldn’t life be about being happy and achieving all I can achieve?

Then yes, you are right. That is exactly what life is for – finding a balance, achieving, living, enjoying every moment.

That is also the goal of Yoga – to live fearlessly with gusto. When we realize our real Self, you realize that there is nothing to be afraid… and you start living fearlessly. When you live fearlessly, you enjoy life in the most pure form.

That’s the Goal if Yoga, and that exactly what we are all trying to experience before we die.

So why not learn more about this Ancient technique of living?

Yoga is not easy, because it’s a SYSTEM of LIVING. The most popular system is called “Patanjali’s System Of Yoga”. It consists of 8 limbs. Without practicing the 8 8 limbs, you will not be able to experience real bliss.

Here are the 8 Limbs of Yoga in simple terms:

1st Limb – YAMA.

Yama is living in non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, self restrained, non-covetousness way. In your actions and thinking.

2nd Limb – NIYAMA

Niyama is living with cleanliness, with contentment, and surrender to God

3rd Limb – ASANA

Bending the body and realizing / balancing the energy that flows within us. Physical exercises. Unfortunately this is what most people think Yoga is, yet it’s only a part of the whole system.

4th Limb – PRANAYAMA

Pranayama is breath control and life force extension. We energize the body, mind and spirit using the breath.


Prathyahara is the practice of withdrawal of the five senses. We totally equate our realities with out five senses. If we learn to withdraw from these five senses, we begin to realize different dimensions in oursleves.

6th Limb – DHARANA

The practice of concentration. To live without distractions of the mind.

7th Limb – DHYANA

Dhyana is meditation or contemplation. Uninterrupted flow of concentration. This practice gets us closer to realizing our true self.

8th Limb – SAMADHI

Samadhi is the GOAL! Where we experience a state of ecstasy! No drugs needed, no external substance needed to make us feel bliss within ourselves. Samadhi is the actual goal of our physical existence, but we seek the same feeling by using and abusing external things.

Yoga, is the toughest and the highest practice you can do while we are living. Because it introduces the REAL YOU to YOU!

If you got reading up to this point, then you are a real seeker of truth!

The International Yoga Day was created so it brings awareness to all of us about this ancient Indian Practice.

Namaste Friends!

Money Myth: Money Changes People

Money Myth: Money Changes People

We are on the topic of “MONEY” this week and for the next few series of video content that I am planning.

It’s fun to learn, and to share the stuff that we learn, with others about different topics.

I wanted to tackle MONEY first, and then move on to a different topic.

So I hope that you find some value in these videos.

So, Yesterday I did a video on what Real Money is. The difference between Currency and Money, and if you’d like to watch it, it’s on YouTube.

Today, I wanted to tackle the believes that we have about money, because our believes and our world views, have a strong hold on how our life plays out.

A popular myth about money, is the it changes people.

When money comes in to our lives, it changes us.

The reality is…

Money behaves like a force in society. It’s only a tool.

Money doesn’t care about your self esteem, about your religion, about where you live or what your goals are.

Money is just a tool. You either have it or you don’t. You’re either making money or you’re spending money.

BUT, one thing I know is this…

Money doesn’t change people. It shows who they really are.

Money just amplifies who we genuinely are and the values that we live by.

If you were an asshole before, and then you got rich, you’re now just an asshole who has got a larger bank account.

The other side of the coin is also valid. If you are humble and generous before, nothing’s going to change when you make it.

Money also acts like gasoline. It makes the fire bigger.

It allows you to move quicker, to learn faster.

It all depends on who you are and where you want to channel.

Money strips away the vulnerability of being poor, and gives us the platform to be as we really are.

So, it’s important to get our life’s principles and values the way we want to be remembered, before we attempt to make money, because it’s only going to magnify your values and principles.

If we chase money with a ruthless attitude, then you may magnify the ruthlessness when you make the money.

If we make money because we want to help others, and make a change in the world, then it’s a wonderful thing.

That’s my message about money today.

I wish you a happy and prosperous journey in your life!


Let’s Talk About Money.

Let’s Talk About Money.

I wanna to talk about “money”.
It’s the “500 pound gorilla” in the room… that everybody is wants.
Everyone knows money in important.
Think about it, if money is not important, why are we thinking about it several times a day?
It’s been said that men think about sex every seven seconds.
But depending on your age, that might not be “sex” that men and women are thinking about, it could actually be “money”.

Money and work dominate our daily thoughts.

So money is important and we need some of it to survive.
Yes, there are many many other things that is important, but we know that with some extra cash, we can do more good stuff for our families, and for the world.

So Let’s talk about money.

Most of us are confused about money, even though we hold a lot of our inner space for money.
We handle money everyday, and we work out butt off for money.
Most of us are confused about what real money is.
Don’t get me wrong, I was also confused about what real money was because that’s not taught in the schools…
Here’s what I mean.
We think that money is CURRENCY…. and if we get more currency, we are becoming rich!

Currency is a force that circulates in the society, that’s why it’s called “Current”cy.

Actually currency is NOT currency, if it does not circulate in the society, and benefit the economy.
Currency is something that is specifically created, so that it can easily move around in the society from one hand to the other.
So currency will NEVER stick around in your hands, because it’s supposed to move around in the economy.
If you are holding on to currency, it’s highly likely that you will spend it very quickly… and to replace that currency you will have to work harder and harder.
That’s called being in the rat-race… all we do is work our butts off all our life to replace what we are spending.

So what’s real money?

Real money is something that holds value for generations… if you have real money, you will never spend it on stupid stuff.
So what IS real money?
Land, Natural resources, Property, investment in future technology, and Precious metals like GOLD and SILVER.
So don’t be fooled by holding on to paper currency, because it will vanish in a whim!
If you have currency, save it and invest it to acquire real money.
That’s my message today.
I wish you a happy and prosperous life.

Productivity Before Money

Productivity Before Money

Productivity before Money.
I remember when I used to beat myself up, get all stressed out because my business was not producing on a daily basis.
Sometimes there was no action for days and we get all stressed out.
You know exactly what I am talking about if you are in ANY kind of business.
Sometimes it’s happening, but other times you are worried sick because there’s not revenue coming in.
Here’s what I did, I stopped worrying about the revenue on a daily basis and started focusing on “Productivity” on a daily basis.
Happiness inspires productivity… and productivity inspires happiness….
Productivity is key to our happiness. When we feel that we have done something productive everyday, that gives us a sense of clam and a sense of accomplishment.
This feeling of accomplishment and calmness, attracts more people to you, and the more people you help the more revenue your business makes.
It’s the Law Of Attraction. That’s how the Law of attraction works for everything in our life.
Health, Wealth, Relationship… everything.
You have to feel in alignment with what you want… without any stress and anxiety.
If you are working an online business…

Here are some productive things you can do everyday:

– You can connect with 5 new people a day. (Don’t spam them, just get to know them)
– You can help someone answer their questions. (Without pitching them right away)
– You can make a short video about you and your business.
– You can do something everyday to drive traffic to your site.
– You can start a paid campaign.
– You can write a blog post
– You can connect with people on Facebook, linkedin, twitter.
– You can start a YouTube channel
– You can do a Facebook live
There are a million things you can do to be productive on a daily basis — instead of worrying about daily revenue.
The trick here is to train yourself to be disciplined enough to think and act this way.
Don’t judge your success in the daily… judge yourself on a yearly basis…. and give more importance to DAILY PRODUCTIVITY… rather than spending time worrying about money.
Stay happy and productive everyday!

Use Leverage In Marketing With Short Videos

Use Leverage In Marketing With Short Videos

Now that I have done a few awkward videos, now that I am over with it… it’s time to share some good value with my friends.
It’s OK to be awkward… it’s OK to be vulnerable….
When we attempt to do what we have not done before, things get a little awkward.
I have attempted to do videos before, but never published it, because I didn’t feel it was perfect.
I was an idiot.
I thought that videos are for people who are good at public speaking… and for people in show biz.
I am not a showbiz person… I am not a public speaker…. I am an entrepreneur who is building a brand — CHERIANMEDIA
Social media is NOT showbiz, it’s real life… and real people.
I want to tell you something…
I published 8 awkward videos in the past 10 days, and guess what?
“Mari Smith” – “the FB QUEEN herself”, reached out and commented on one of them.
The Mari Smith, whom I’ve followed for years and years… reached out can commented, to thank me for mentioning her on the video…
How awesome is that? Where else will you get that kind of reach?
Guys, what we do for hours and hours every day in our business to market our brand can be a lot more powerful with one 2 minute video.
It’s called LEVERAGE.
Robin Sharma said this.., “People without leverage work for those with leverage.”
We started our entrepreneurial journey so that we can do good work and support ourselves.
Leverage your uniqueness, be vulnerable, learn from every mistakes.
I am so grateful to people who support each other in this community. We need support from our peers and friends!
Have a great day guys!

Why Everyone Loves Friday’s

Why Everyone Loves Friday’s

Happy Friday everyone!

Most people get really excited about Friday’s… and I can understand why.

Part of the reason could be… that We go through the week with so many activities that’s mundane…

..not really enriching us… but making others rich.

Maybe it’s a job that you do.

Maybe it’s a business that you don’t enjoy doing…

Maybe it’s nothing to do with work that at all..

Maybe you are looking forward to spending the weekend with your loved ones.

Whatever it is.. I know that most people love Friday’s.

Why can’t we love Monday’s… and Tuesdays… and Wednesdays?

I think we can begin to love our weekdays by doing the things that enrich US.

I mean, this is the reason why most people want to start something online.

So they can start feeling good about their own achievements…

So they can help themselves and help others.

Whatever it is, my friend… If you are taking action everyday… your are gonna get there…

and I am so happy for you.

From 1994 to 1999, I felt the same way…. I hated my Weekday’s and I was looking forward for my Friday’s.

But then I decided to change it, I quit my day job, and started my own thing online.

I was only 26 years old when I made that move… and that was probably the best decision of my life.

Starting an online business is the best thing I have done for myself and my family.

So if you are doing the same, I am happy for you. And I am here to support you.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you soon!

Facebook Not Showing Your Posts To Your Friends.

Facebook Not Showing Your Posts To Your Friends.

Have you ever noticed that your posts on Social Media, especially on Facebook isn’t getting the love it deserves?

I am not the only one who is experiencing this problem ..and so I decided to dive a little deep into how we can effectively reach the people who agreed to be your friends on Facebook…

The problem here is not what you think it is…

You are probably thinking that your friends are ignoring you, or don’t like you. In some instances it may be the case. But in most instances it may not be the case.

It’s because Facebook is only showing your posts to people who you are constantly interacting with.

Yes, if you have 2000 friends on Facebook, only a handful… maybe 30 or so people are actually seeing your posts.

Facebook’s new artificial intelligence technology is learning your interaction patterns and give your real life results.

Facebook is trying to emulate human connections the way it works in real life situations.

For example, Imagine walking into a huge room full of your Facebook friends… All 4950 of them.

Now, if you are an outgoing person then you will walk around and say hi to as many people as you can.

But, if you are an introvert like I am, you’ll probably stay with a small group of people all evening.

You may be able to connect with the small group of people more deeply,

but others in the room may not even know who you are… and what you have to offer.

Facebook is just trying to emulate real life human connections on thier platform.

If you are interacting with more people, you get more exposure to your posts.

If you are hardly interacting with others, then, only a handful of people will ever see your posts.

For people who want to get their personal brand out there, Social media is great.

But most of us are struggling to figure how to get more views and interaction.

It’s as simple as this…

If you spend 2 hours on Facebook per day, make it a pleasant one for your friends, and interact with them.

I am certainly doing that and I am enjoying it…

Like Mari Smith, the FB Queen says…“Content is King but engagement is Queen”, and the lady rules the house!”

Have a great day!