It’s Time To Hit The Reset Button.

It’s Time To Hit The Reset Button.

You are convinced that something MUST change. But you are struggling to figure it out.
Sometimes an area of your life, or perhaps more than one, has gone COMPLETELY OFF TRACK and you feel like you can’t move forward.
I have experienced this heavy and uncomfortable feeling many times that I have lost count.
We call it “Hitting A Wall”… Paralysis, inertia, and being stuck!
Everyone hits a wall in their journey.
No matter how hard you push forward, you seem to be hitting it and you can’t move forward.
Reality is that we have been walking with our EYES WIDE SHUT.
We are seeing things but we are ONLY seeing things that we WANT to see.
Open your eyes… do you see a physical WALL? Nooooo… But it certainly feels like it…
This is because it’s in our MIND. Its a MENTAL barrier and it feels physical.
It’s time to hit the RESET BUTTON.
Here is a technique that I read in a book, many years ago, called “THE POWER PAUSE”, by John Harricharan.
3 steps and 3 focused minutes to eliminate your mental barriers and move forward.
1. Step one – UN-CLUTCH. The negative feeling we are holding to is just a thing… Un-clutch it from your mind and let them go.
2. Step two – VISUALIZE the best possible outcome that can happen to you. Be specific.
3. Step Three – PAUSE.. and don’t think, or talk about it…
This might sound simple and silly but there are greater powers that work behind the scenes (your sub conscious mind) that will manifest your intentions….
But you have to Unclutch, activate the desired outcome, and let it GO.
I have used this technique many times, and working on it right now, because I NEED A RESET. A POWER PAUSE!
Have a great day my friends,
Much Love.
PS. John Harricharan’s book “THE POWER PAUSE” is an amazing read, so go check it out on Amazon.
Your Life and Business can be Rich only when you Master Your Relationships!

Your Life and Business can be Rich only when you Master Your Relationships!

Life is RICH beyond measure when you MASTER your “Relationships”.

Sometimes, I am convinced that the “meaning of life” is to learn from the interactions with our environment…. people, places, things, and NATURE itself.

Relationships are complex… VERY complex.

Imagine if you can create harmony and peace with people, places, things, and nature — your LIFE WOULD BE PERFECTO!

(Money doesn’t even come close, and money will NEVER be an issue if we can master our relationships)

The complexity of relationships in our lifespan is what makes us a wise person….

Your relationship with…

…your parents… your grand parents… brothers and sisters… relatives…. colleagues… your business associates…. your customers…. your wife or husband… in-laws…. neighbors… cousins…. virtual friends… the country your live in… the state you live in… the neighborhood you live in… the weather…. nature…

Relationship with your money…. your investments… your losses…

Relationship with yourself…. your mind… your body… your energy… your sickness…

Relationship with our beliefs…. our spirituality… our fears…

Relationships are still COMPLEX for a SAGE who lives in a cave….

I think we can confidently say that our LIFE is ALL BOUT our relationships.

We EXIST to learn from the complexity of RELATIONSHIPS!

We can’t avoid it… even if we hide in a cave.

All the Good, Bad, and Ugly sides of it… We MUST experience it.

But here is the SECRET…

Although what you experience outside of yourself seems REAL to us — it’s ALL and ILLUSION.

Because HOW you RESPOND to a situation is what makes any relationship SPECIAL…. OR NOT.

You have TOTAL control.

That’s why we should STOP blaming outside factors for our pain and suffering… cos it’s all SELF-CREATED.

Fact is, that ONLY enlightened people can move through relationships with ease… because they know that the WORLD is something that they create WITHIN themselves… and it’s NOT something external.

This is why I think ENLIGHTENMENT is the PURPOSE of OUR LIFE…. and RELATIONSHIP is the highest BLESSING in our life.

NOTHING compares.

Much Love,

PS. Look at the world and every situation you are facing… you can respond in a different way that creates harmony and peace. This is how we can our MASTER RELATIONSHIPS!

The ONLY way to Financial Freedom is Financial Education

The ONLY way to Financial Freedom is Financial Education

Financial Success & Freedom is only possible when we are EDUCATED in FINANCE. It’s a no-brainer!

If you want to be a doctor, then you go to the Medical School, invest time, money, and put in thousands of hours LEARNING.

But we are unwilling to invest our time, money, and efforts into learning and practicing the art of Finance.
It’s not just hard work, dedication, and passion…. but hard work, dedication , and passion in the RIGHT DIRECTION and RIGHT THINGS!

We know the HOW’S…. but we are not educated on WHAT TO DO.

Most people are NOT educated on:

1. How to make our money work for us.

2. How to preserve the value of the money that we make & save.

We make money by either trading our time, or creating value in the marketplace…. we already know that.



This requires some EDUCATION.

If you are NOT willing to put in the time, and effort in learning this — Financial Freedom is going to be a tough proposition.

The good news is that YOU CAN learn exactly how to do it and what to do….

It’s ALL here.

– Abe

PS. The money that you make by working all your life will ALWAYS be “scarce” (never enough), if you don’t learn and practice the disciplines required to keep more of it.

Connect to your dormant energy and power.

Connect to your dormant energy and power.

As entrepreneurs, we need to be motivated each and every day. What motivates us not just the money but something far greater than that.

If you  are lucky enough to figure out the purpose behind the work that you do everyday then it can fuel your whole day!

When you bring your purpose to business, you connect to dormant energy and power.

Doors open. Things turn around.

Stay focused!

Wishing you a great day ahead.

– Abe
Are You An Entrepreneur Or Wantepreneur?

Are You An Entrepreneur Or Wantepreneur?

  • An average American spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime.
  • But 87% of Americans have no passion for their jobs.
  • And 80% of US workers are outright dissatisfied with their jobs.
  • Americans spend 19 full work days a year stuck in traffic on their commute

This is and will be the BIGGEST market in the history of humanity.

As a network marketer, DO YOU SEE AN OPPORTUNITY in this?

If not, then stop calling yourself an ENTREPRENEUR.

Because that’s what an ENTREPRENEUR does. Takes advantage of an opportunity when they see one.

Think again…



Hone into your uniqueness and learn to express it well.

Hone into your uniqueness and learn to express it well.

One of the biggest mistake in marketing is when you start looking, sounding, and posturing like every other cool person in your industry.

Your message gets drowned in a sea of same-sounding messages, and you are always struggling to get noticed.

Eventually the market is full of… and many versions of…. Gary V’s, Tim Ferris’s, Oprah’s, and Michelle Obama’s. It’s not a bad thing… but generally cliche’s are not a good marketing strategy.

We need to identify our uniqueness and frame it proudly.

Race is NOT uniqueness… (especially in America). If people ONLY see you of a certain color or race — it’s time to move away from these people, and find others who are more enlightened.

To identify your natural uniqueness ask these questions… you’ll find your special thing…

  • What do supportive love ones say are your best traits and qualities?
  • How have you previously got through difficult periods in your life?
  • What inner strengths or resources did you draw upon to get through these times?

These life experiences are unique for everyone. How you felt and how you dealt with it is very different from others.

Embrace them, and wear it proudly.

I believe with every fiber of my being that you are incredibly special.

Your mind, body, and spirit is one-of-a-kind.

I know that when you are in tune with the intricacies of this uniqueness that you can best be of service to yourself, your loved ones and the world.

Your marketing will be noticed, admired by some, ignored by some, repelled by some, even offended by some….

Hone into your uniqueness… and learn to express it well.

Much Love,