The Power Of Visualization

The Power Of Visualization

Do you know WHY it’s SO HARD to change our realities?

From financially struggling, to feeling rich…

From fear of everything, to absolute confidence…

From laziness, to inspired actions….

From unimaginative, to creative genius…

From conformity, to free thinking…

From working for money, to working on growth…

From selfishness, to expanded consciousness…

WHY is it so hard?

We ALL WANT it…. at least we THINK that we want it…

Here is WHY we are NOT able to change our realities for better, and decide to stay in the DUMP most of our lives…

We are highly adaptable beings… and we can get used to the smell of shit, if we are forced to sleep in the toilet.

Because you can VISUALIZE the crap everyday, its easy to live with them.

It’s so easy to VISUALIZE ourselves being in the crapper… it’s so EASY to VISUALIZE BAD things happening to us…

..War… losing our wealth… losing our homes… losing our children… sickness and cancer… political unrest…

It’s so EASY TO VISUALIZE these things…

And it’s so HARD to VISUALIZE the GOOD things life has to offer…

It’s HARD for us to VISUALIZE….

…having no money worries… healthy and fit…. adventurous and traveling places… being an influence to others…. confident with ourselves… writing books…. changing other peoples lives…. helping the world…. changing the world…

Go on…. can you IMAGINE and CLEARLY see / visualize YOU doing the most positive things in life?

It’s HARD, because for most of us, it is NOT in our EXPERIENCE to feel that way. We are surrounded by the message of FEAR, POVERTY, and DOOM & DESTRUCTION.

What we cannot comprehend is that THIS POWER OF VISUALIZATION can work the OTHER WAY as well…

But you have to WORK ON IT. You have to put some effort into it… You have to EMBRACE it and, not let it go.

You have to be AWARE of these things…


We are programmed with the destructive thinking like… “If it’s too good to be true, then it is”.

Our emotions and thoughts are VIBRATIONS! If you are aware of it, then YOU CAN CHANGE IT.



You are a BALL OF LIGHT, that DISPELS the DARKNESS around you…

Every where you go… YOU BRING LIGHT!

Darkness cannot dispel LIGHT, ONLY LIGHT can DISPEL DARKNESS!

Much Love And Light!

PS. The best part is… EVERY SINGLE ONE of us have this SUPER POWER.

Are Your A Creator Or A Consumer?

Are Your A Creator Or A Consumer?

Hey Guys, Hope you are doing well… It’s a beautiful day…

and I am just kind of… detoxing my mind and body, after my trip to Vegas…

It was a very exciting trip and we met with so many people that we’ve been connecting on Facebook and other social media sites…

It’s amazing! When you can take the virtual relationships to another level… face to face… it’s great! I believe that is the end goal.. to meet people who have been connecting with you virtually.

Now what I learned in Vegas…

…other than experiencing Earthquake for the first time in my life…

oh my God… it shook my entire being for half a second… literally… and I felt totally insignificant as a human being… that was something else..

Anyway — Vegas taught me many things, and one of the things that I learned in Vegas is this…

There are creators, and then there are consumers.

Some of the world’s best creators and entertainers end up in Vegas.

People who create things so that the masses can consume..

So my topic today is… are you a consumer or are you a creator?

Truth is… We are both creators and consumers…

But what do you think of yourself as…at the core? A consumer or a creator?

How much time do you spend thinking and doing things that are more “consumer oriented” Vs. “creator oriented”?

When we think of our success, are our goals and aspirations more about…

wanting a bigger house, a better car… extra money for shopping… which is consumer oriented goals..

OR, do you really enjoy the creation process?

In other words, when you set your goals and aspirations, do you set it in a way that you can consume more…. like I want a bigger house, a better car, a grander lifestyle…

OR, do you set goals on how to create wonderful..?

I think we will have all of that, the bigger house, and a grand lifestyle….when we are at a place in our life where we feel self-worth in ourselves and what we are doing.

I think we are much happier and content with our lives when we are creating things…

Truly successful people who are fulfilled in their life and in their being, and enjoy what they are doing — they are not excited by consumer goals…. they are actually excited about their creation process.

They are not excited about that fancy car, or fancy watch…or whatever… they are excited about the process of creating.

What we need to understand is that we are ALL creators of our life… and creativity is in ALL of us.

If you’ve ever told yourself that you are not a creative person, it’s a destructive lie that you’ve been telling yourself.

Because in reality there is NOTHING to create…

Everything that we’ve ever thought of, ideas, products, opportunities…lifestyle… it’s was all there in the universe. We just tuned into whatever our desires are and co-created it with the Universe.

So, existentially speaking, nobody is a sole creator of anything… they just happened to put together what the universe already provided.. and called it their own.

So that should really take away that doubt, that you may be having… that YOU ARE NOT a CREATIVE PERSON.

That’s really Bullshit!

You are the most creative person in your life… because you are creating it.

Anyway, what I am trying to get at here is… to ask yourself whether you are thinking along the lines of CREATIVE GOALS or CONSUMER GOALS?

When you start a business, or trying to grow a business, do you LOVE the PROCESS?

Or are you solely focused on the END RESULTS — the money, the lifestyle… and all the consumer stuff?

Creating is happiness and you can never get that kind of blissful feeling and happiness with just consuming….

Sometimes, when we have already established in our belief system that we are not a creative person, we tend to believe that for the rest of our lives…

You have to understand that CREATIVITY is everywhere… It’s a different dimension that we have not trained our mind to — we just have to tune into it everyday, so that it will flow through us.

So… If you don’t feel creative in your business… do this, take a few days off and do something creative… create a painting… Art is the dimension to awaken your creative side.

Music is great, but create music instead of listening to it… Create a piece of art… etc.

By doing this exercise for a few days, you will AWAKEN your creative side of the brain and you will start getting creative in every other part of your life!

The creation process is the most fulfilling and happiest you’ll ever find in your life….. So make it your goal to find your creativity and enjoy it.

That’s my message today!

Have an amazing and a creative day!

Webpreneur Media, LLC

The Most Powerful Predictor Of Success

The Most Powerful Predictor Of Success

This is going to be a short one…

A dear friend, and someone I consider as a mother figure — Erika R. Mohssen-Beyk – I love you Erika..

She send me a video that gave me some insight into one of the most important qualities of a person, who is bound to be successful in anything he or she puts her mind to.

I mean this is considered to be the Strongest Predictor Of Success…. in any super challenging settings..

This study was done by a researcher / scientist and teacher, Angela Lee Duckworth – and in her TED talk she talked about this…. and I strongly agree to her conclusion on the topic of “the strongest predictor of success”…

In other words, what quality in kids and adults is most likely to experience success beyond their dreams….

So if you are wondering what the strongest predictor of success is… you’ll be pleasantly surprised because almost all of us have this quality in us… and that motivates us to keep going…

It wasn’t your ability to learn quickly or easily…

It’s wasn’t social intelligence…

It’ wasn’t good looks…

It wasn’t physical health…

It’ certainly wasn’t the household income of their parents…

It’s not the color of your skin, or the country that you are from…

It wasn’t even IQ…

It was something called …. Grit.

Grit is courage and resolve… passion and perseverance… for very long term goals.

Grit is having stamina… sticking with your future…. day in day out… not just for the week, not just for the month, but for years.

And working really hard to make that a reality.

Now, think about how that plays in our life.. and business…

Think about how many people try something for a few weeks, or months and give up thinking that they don’t have what it takes… or they are not suited for success…

Maybe it’s a business that they joined thinking they can achieve financial freedom, and more time freedom….

Maybe it’s starting a blog and giving up after a few months…

If you knew this then, I can guarantee you that you will not give up until you get what you want.

Imagine, all you have to do is STICK WITH IT and WORK HARD.

We all can do that. Think in terms of YEARS… not months.

We all can do that.

That’s my message today.

Have a great evening!

Much Love.

Abe Cherian

Use Leverage In Marketing With Short Videos

Use Leverage In Marketing With Short Videos

Now that I have done a few awkward videos, now that I am over with it… it’s time to share some good value with my friends.
It’s OK to be awkward… it’s OK to be vulnerable….
When we attempt to do what we have not done before, things get a little awkward.
I have attempted to do videos before, but never published it, because I didn’t feel it was perfect.
I was an idiot.
I thought that videos are for people who are good at public speaking… and for people in show biz.
I am not a showbiz person… I am not a public speaker…. I am an entrepreneur who is building a brand — CHERIANMEDIA
Social media is NOT showbiz, it’s real life… and real people.
I want to tell you something…
I published 8 awkward videos in the past 10 days, and guess what?
“Mari Smith” – “the FB QUEEN herself”, reached out and commented on one of them.
The Mari Smith, whom I’ve followed for years and years… reached out can commented, to thank me for mentioning her on the video…
How awesome is that? Where else will you get that kind of reach?
Guys, what we do for hours and hours every day in our business to market our brand can be a lot more powerful with one 2 minute video.
It’s called LEVERAGE.
Robin Sharma said this.., “People without leverage work for those with leverage.”
We started our entrepreneurial journey so that we can do good work and support ourselves.
Leverage your uniqueness, be vulnerable, learn from every mistakes.
I am so grateful to people who support each other in this community. We need support from our peers and friends!
Have a great day guys!

The Best & Worst Months For Online Sales

It’s September. Summer is almost over! I hope that your summer was good.I have had the opportunity to talk with so many people on my email list this summer.

I love to connect with people and get beyond just emails. If we have not yet spoken with each other, you are welcome to connect with me by phone. We are both in this together and we could learn from each other.

I realize that I have not been sending you personal emails lately, as I used to.

The Best & Worst Months For Online Sales.

I used to collect all of Jim Rohn’s stuff. The latest purchase was a large volume of Mr. Rohn’s videos, all his speeches and lectures. I love his humor and wisdom.

In the book “Art Of Exceptional Living”, Mr. Rohn talks about the 4 seasons of life.

“Just like there are 4 seasons, there are 4 lessons that are crucial to your life. By becoming aware of them, learning them, and applying them in your existence, there is no doubt that you will craft a very fulfilling life.”

Winters are tough. Handle the winters.
Opportunities arise in Spring. Take advantage of it.
All good will be attacked in Summer. Protect it.
As you gear up for another Winter, during Fall. Take responsibility.

This is an excellent philosophy to live by.

If you are having a tough time in your business or life, just remember that it may have been Winter for you. It never lasts.

For us online marketers Spring time is upon us…. September, October, and November is traditionally the best months to put all your efforts into marketing and drive more sales.

Traditionally, the summer months of May until August have shown a drop in overall sales, particularly towards the end of the season.

It’s September!

Are you gearing up for a good season? Are you ready with you marketing?

If you are not, catch the season early and make it a good Spring time for your business.

Be persistent with your dream!


Truth About Laptop Lifestyle

Truth About Laptop Lifestyle

Visualize Laptop Lifestyle. 

A lean and toned body, sitting on the beach, 15″ Macbook Pro resting on the lap, gazing at the most exquisite sunset. That’s the image we visualize when we think about “Laptop Lifestyle”.

A genuine possibility or an idealistic mirage? Let’s explore.

To me, Laptop lifestyle means I work at home, on my terms and I get to work with amazing people miles and miles away.

I get to help many people and they are building awesome businesses on their terms, with THEIR lifestyle in mind.

I doesn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen overnight for me….


I created it.

I worked for it.

I got up early for it.

I worked late for it.

I slept less than 5 hours a night for months for it.

I earned it.

I’ll never stop being grateful for this lifestyle. I’ll never stop sharing how grateful I am. You know why? Because it’s my Why, my mission, my greatest desire to deliver on this message to you.

The message that true freedom and joy from your business is possible. Not only possible, VERY possible. But YOU have to decide what it will look like. It won’t just show up at your door!

The Laptop lifestyle to me is in a word…. FREEDOM.

It is not just about physical freedom. It’s emotional freedom to feel happy in what you are doing. It’s work freedom to enjoy what you truly enjoy.

It’s a choice to work with only the people you LOVE to work with! I love to make the the Laptop Lifestyle possible for people around the world.

I create businesses of people that they can run in their own terms and create a freedom lifestyle for themselves.

Would YOU like to have a Laptop Lifestyle?

Working whenever you please, where ever you want. It’s a good feeling.

Most people cannot imagine themselves living a freedom life.

“Make Money Guru’s” have put the idea into your head that in order to live a Laptop Lifestyle, you have to promote their high ticket products. You have to spend your hard earned money to promote their products and make them famously rich!

I personally know at least 30 people who have spent 20K+ buying into high ticket opportunities. But I have yet to hear a true success story. Most of them give up within weeks, of buying into these programs. 95% of them drop out within months – and they never talk about it again.

Truth is, you have to have your own site or business to really run a serious business online. You can be doing multiple businesses online, but you must have something of your OWN.

I want to give you an opportunity to own your own site, with your own pay-button so that your clients pays YOU directly. There are two opportunities to own multiple businesses so that you make money right away….


Here they are….


Laptop Lifestyle Businesses You Can Start Under $300

Dropshipping Sites Selling In Demand Products

Own your own Aliexpress Dropshipping storefronts. Minimum forecast for these sites is around 10 sales per day which would produce $100-$200 Net Profit per day (Assuming $10-$20 net profit per sale) $700-$1400 per week easily achievable with ability to grow sales.

Marketing Agency Re-seller Serivices

This is not an affiliate program. You own the websites, where YOU take payments for the services we provide, and pay us our fee to service your customers. For example, you sell something for $800 and your supplier delivers to your customer for $400.

Click on both those links and read how it works. You will soon understand why having your own source of income is more exciting than wasting your money on promoting other programs. ‘

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or call us — We are here to hook your up the right way! Have a great week ahead!

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