I believe that everyone has what it takes to be creatively happy in life and work.

To do something great requires a labor of love. This coming weekend we celebrate those who dedicate their lives to such labors. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Most people are lured by the prospects of making money on the Internet – and often get persuaded by flashy Internet Marketers who themselves have very little practical knowledge in the subject.

Now don’t get me wrong, Internet Marketing is a great skill to have.

But imagine using this skill to sell what you enjoy doing. Maybe you like to make Guitars, teach musical instruments, airbrushing, astronomy, blacksmithing, and a hundred different things. [List of 300+ not so boring things]

Wouldn’t it be just awesome if we could do what we are born to do?

To get inspired take a look at 9 people doing extraordinary things:

1. Matt Madeiro raised $43,870 and bought a school bus for kids in Nepal to celebrate his 25th birthday.


2. James Greig cycled a hundred miles to meet his first customer.



3. Shane Koyczan delivers a powerful, artful message about bullying.

4. Shannon O’Donnell tells you exactly how much it costs to travel around the world for a year, visiting fifteen different countries.



5. Maria Brilaki helps you produce better online video.



6. Danny and Annie’s love story will make you cry.

7. Kevin Richardson walks with lions.

8. Caroline Leon wrote a 50,000 word novel in 9 days.



9. John Bardos has been living abroad for more than 16 years and has given up everything to change careers and countries, twice. He’s now on a mission to spread the Unconforence for Social Good around the world.



These wonderful people are doing work done for the interest in the work itself, rather than for payment — which is Labor of Love!

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I wish you a great Labor Day Weekend!