Connecting to people is tough but crucial in the sales business.

Ask any salesperson and they will tell you that they can pin-point the exact moment when they make a sale.

It’s when they penetrate the defensive walls people have built around themselves in order to become impervious to sales bullshit.

Same applies to writing emails to your list.

This is even more difficult as you have to thaw those icy walls without even being present at the scene!

This is an art form that every affiliate marketer needs to master if they want to see their revenue increasing steadily.

There are two major obstacles you need to overcome when writing emails to sell:

Sounding like everyone else
Wasting peoples’ time

How do you do this?

Well, first you want to develop your unique style of writing – that’s going to sort out obstacle number one.

The second one is trickier but in a nutshell: don’t waste peoples’ time by always selling!

I know this sounds totally counter-intuitive but what you’re after is a relationship: sales come later.

Here are a couple of points to keep in mind.

1. Know your writing and stick to it

I challenge you to sit down right now and write a couple of short sentences on a few topics.

Pick whatever you want: briefly review one of your offers, answer a reader’s question in the form of a blog post, or draw up a short list of don’t for something in your niche.

Try to write each one differently.

The point of this little exercise is to find out what you’re good at.

Some people are good at writing long-winded descriptions that are full of flare.

Others can shock with their writing.

The third type doesn’t beat around the bush and instead they keep everything short and sweet.

Once you find out what type of writing you’re good at and what works for your lists – stick to it!

You will send out a subliminal message to your readers and that message will be all about consistency and familiarity.

People tend to respond better to marketers they know – your unique style of writing plays a role in building that trust.

2. Model but don’t imitate

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, they say. And I agree.

If some aspiring affiliate marketer was to copy my emails word for word I’d be over the moon!

But I’d also know that he’ll never see the same results that I did. Use other peoples’ work as an inspiration but adapt it to your own writing style.

Also, affiliate marketers often use swipe emails provided by the manufacturer to shortcut their writing process.

A same piece of fluff goes around the globe thousands of times in a day.

Do you think anyone care or notices it?

Use it to get the key point about the product then work your writing magic to make something truly unique.

3. Respect everyone’s time

Your subscribers are people with things to do – some might even have more on their plate than you do, juggling two jobs or raising a family.

That’s why I recommend keeping your pitches short and sweet in the emails – they’ll mozy on over to the sales page if you did your job right.

Break this rule only when you have something of real value to share – a set of tips to do something better, a guide on how to best use a particular product, or something of that sort.

If you can make peoples’ lives better with your content then the length is rarely of any concern.

4. Reach out on a regular basis

Consistency is important in email marketing. First, you need to get people accustomed to your emails – you don’t want them forgetting about you and unsubscribing when your next email finds them puzzled.

The second reason is more important – you want to keep a continuous stream of helpful information flowing their way.

This will help establish you as a thought leader and someone who is out not just to make a sale but to help them sort out problems in their life.

5. To write or to hire?

Not everyone is a writer.

If you can’t cobble out a good sentence for the life of you and you don’t have time to invest in getting better at it, hire a professional to do it for you.

However, don’t think your work is done there.

Someone else’s writing can be disconnected from what you stand for.

That’s why it’s important to keep the communication lines with your writer open at all times.

Give them the sense of what you’re all about before they start writing and regularly discuss topics you want covered and angles you want them covered from.

6. Leverage social media networks

Connecting to your subscribers on social media sites can be tricky but it can also help boost your relationship with them.

It gives you an opportunity to build your credibility outside their inbox.

Make sure that you have social buttons embedded in your email and on your posts and invite people to join you on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else.

Hint: don’t expect your audience to follow you – you will need to proactively find networks where they gather and establish a presence there.

These tips are an all-in-one package that you need to systematically apply in order to get a response from your subscriber base.

Each step is critical in getting it to work – the only thing you need to decide is whether you will be writing those emails or are you going to bring in a professional to do it.

Make sure to leave a comment below – I’d love to know how you approach this and how you get your subscribers to respond!