Have you ever noticed that your posts on Social Media, especially on Facebook isn’t getting the love it deserves?

I am not the only one who is experiencing this problem ..and so I decided to dive a little deep into how we can effectively reach the people who agreed to be your friends on Facebook…

The problem here is not what you think it is…

You are probably thinking that your friends are ignoring you, or don’t like you. In some instances it may be the case. But in most instances it may not be the case.

It’s because Facebook is only showing your posts to people who you are constantly interacting with.

Yes, if you have 2000 friends on Facebook, only a handful… maybe 30 or so people are actually seeing your posts.

Facebook’s new artificial intelligence technology is learning your interaction patterns and give your real life results.

Facebook is trying to emulate human connections the way it works in real life situations.

For example, Imagine walking into a huge room full of your Facebook friends… All 4950 of them.

Now, if you are an outgoing person then you will walk around and say hi to as many people as you can.

But, if you are an introvert like I am, you’ll probably stay with a small group of people all evening.

You may be able to connect with the small group of people more deeply,

but others in the room may not even know who you are… and what you have to offer.

Facebook is just trying to emulate real life human connections on thier platform.

If you are interacting with more people, you get more exposure to your posts.

If you are hardly interacting with others, then, only a handful of people will ever see your posts.

For people who want to get their personal brand out there, Social media is great.

But most of us are struggling to figure how to get more views and interaction.

It’s as simple as this…

If you spend 2 hours on Facebook per day, make it a pleasant one for your friends, and interact with them.

I am certainly doing that and I am enjoying it…

Like Mari Smith, the FB Queen says…“Content is King but engagement is Queen”, and the lady rules the house!”

Have a great day!