Graceseems to be an appropriate topic to understand before we start a transformational journey because it’s a humbling notion.

For some of us,Graceis a word associated with sermons or discourse, delivered by pious clergy men during a religious service.

May the Grace of _______ be with you.

(Fill in the blanks with God, or any belief that you are associated with)

For some, it means something else. For instance….

The dictionary meaning of Grace is,elegance or beauty of form, manner, motion, or action“, which simply translates to attractiveness and charm to most of us. So, if you are a graceful person, you are attractive, charming, and fluid in movement. If you are a person without grace, you are ugly, stiff, and klutzy.

IfGrace means attractivenessdoes it basically mean that attractive people are graceful people?

Go ahead and do a google search for keywordattractive person“, you’ll see the faces of movie stars and celebrities. Does that mean that they are graceful? Maybe. Maybe not.

Let’s talk aboutGrace.”

What is Grace? 

Grace means nothing to a whole lot of people. Grace is a difficult concept to understand and accept.

I think, understanding the deeper meaning ofGraceat the very least, make us more resilient.

Grace often takes the form of accidental occurrences which we may not recognize as blessings. It may manifest in the form of suffering due to a loss, as a spiritual experience, or as a descent of great peace. Because it happens spontaneously, we attribute it to some force or entity outside of ourselves.

We feel that an outside entity has to grant us thegift of Grace,” we often separate ourselves and feel that we are not worthy.

Where, in reality…

Grace refers to ALL that we receive, which helps us EVOLVE and come closer to Divine.”

Grace is the essence of life, which is available to all beings.

Look up in the sky, to the stars, the moon, and the vastness of the space and universe we don’t have a clue of what’s out there.


Our planet moves through the space at a fast pace and rotates at 733 miles per hourBUT we are SAFE, feeling stable physically and going about our business. Whatever is holding all this together is Grace.

The fragrance of a flower, is the flower manifesting it’s Grace.

Science has ever-changing theories and explanations on how life happens, but the reality is we don’t even know how it happens or why it happens. When there is so much mystery and still everything goes well it’s called Grace.

We can be ignorant of Grace, but we can never prevent it from happening.

So instead of asking, “How can we be a Graceful Person?,” we should ask, “Are we available to Grace?”

If we are self-centered and full of ourselves, we can be unconscious of Grace. If we are full of skepticism, doubt and fear, we are automatically unconscious of Grace. When we are in a struggling mode, we are unconscious of Grace. Emotions such as jealousy, selfishness, fear, and anger can close the door to the flow of Grace. Feeling unworthiness can also block the door to Grace.

Grace means nothing, if we are egocentric and selfish.

When we are self-centered as a human race, and destructive to the planet we don’t recognize Grace. When we engage in activities that are only pleasurable to us, and NOT thinking about the consequence, we make ourselves unavailable to Grace.

Make yourself available to Grace.

God’s Grace shall be poured incessantly, but you must be wide-awake. You must be ever on the alert and listen and ponder over the slightest hint that may be dropped Mahaavataar Babaji.

Surrender to the Will of the Lord (the inexplicable, puzzling and mysterious force that we are incapable of knowing). Surrender is a term that suggests weakness to many of us. Surrender, in reality, takes great strength. Surrender to the Lord means to offer ourSelf WilltoDivine Will.” So we are surrendering our sense of ego.

Self-awareness & Self Study. Grace is delivered through the power within ourselves, by eagerly attempting to realize Self. When we start to go within, we start to notice the toxic energies that we carry in our daily lives physically, mentally, and in our subtle body. Make every effort to purify the physical, mental, vital body that is in our very being.

Devotion & Self-discipline. Practicing meditation and devotion will make yourself available to Grace.

Let everything be as it is. From a Yogic perspective, everything is just as it is, accepting everything as it is, then there is no reason to agree or disagree about anything.

We will be soaked in Grace; we already are, but we cannot experience it, unless we are conscious about it. To develop the capability to draw sustenance from Grace, you need to be conscious of Grace.

No true progress can be made without being conscious of Grace.

Thanks for reading. 🙂