Getting off the “Money” topic that I committed to learning and sharing with you….

Today is International Yoga Day!

Since the practice of Yoga has somewhat shaped my thinking, health, life and existence. I MUST share it with you my friend!

The “Studio Yoga” that we see all over the world is good to bring awareness to this ancient Indian Practice. But, Yoga is much more than that.

The goal of the Yoga practice is to realize the Ultimate You/Self and to merge your very being with super conscious being. We all merge into the super conscious being when we die, but Yoga gives you a chance to realize the self while we are living.

You may ask, why should I merge with the Ultimate Super conscious being now, if I am going to merge into it when I die? Shouldn’t life be about being happy and achieving all I can achieve?

Then yes, you are right. That is exactly what life is for – finding a balance, achieving, living, enjoying every moment.

That is also the goal of Yoga – to live fearlessly with gusto. When we realize our real Self, you realize that there is nothing to be afraid… and you start living fearlessly. When you live fearlessly, you enjoy life in the most pure form.

That’s the Goal if Yoga, and that exactly what we are all trying to experience before we die.

So why not learn more about this Ancient technique of living?

Yoga is not easy, because it’s a SYSTEM of LIVING. The most popular system is called “Patanjali’s System Of Yoga”. It consists of 8 limbs. Without practicing the 8 8 limbs, you will not be able to experience real bliss.

Here are the 8 Limbs of Yoga in simple terms:

1st Limb – YAMA.

Yama is living in non-violence, truthfulness, non-stealing, self restrained, non-covetousness way. In your actions and thinking.

2nd Limb – NIYAMA

Niyama is living with cleanliness, with contentment, and surrender to God

3rd Limb – ASANA

Bending the body and realizing / balancing the energy that flows within us. Physical exercises. Unfortunately this is what most people think Yoga is, yet it’s only a part of the whole system.

4th Limb – PRANAYAMA

Pranayama is breath control and life force extension. We energize the body, mind and spirit using the breath.


Prathyahara is the practice of withdrawal of the five senses. We totally equate our realities with out five senses. If we learn to withdraw from these five senses, we begin to realize different dimensions in oursleves.

6th Limb – DHARANA

The practice of concentration. To live without distractions of the mind.

7th Limb – DHYANA

Dhyana is meditation or contemplation. Uninterrupted flow of concentration. This practice gets us closer to realizing our true self.

8th Limb – SAMADHI

Samadhi is the GOAL! Where we experience a state of ecstasy! No drugs needed, no external substance needed to make us feel bliss within ourselves. Samadhi is the actual goal of our physical existence, but we seek the same feeling by using and abusing external things.

Yoga, is the toughest and the highest practice you can do while we are living. Because it introduces the REAL YOU to YOU!

If you got reading up to this point, then you are a real seeker of truth!

The International Yoga Day was created so it brings awareness to all of us about this ancient Indian Practice.

Namaste Friends!