I have an idea to address your negative cash flow situation – if you are in a similar situation…

It’s Thursday, and I have already had in-depth conversations with at least 30 people (honestly, I lost count), who showed interest in getting into a Digital Marketing Agency business.

7 out of nearly 30 people have already agreed that it’s exactly what they were looking for – and we are working on setting them up! Congratulations!

The rest?

They love the idea of creating a business that would inject extra cash flow into their bank accounts…. but waiting for confirmation.

I want to share a story with you that happened in December of 1999… Christmas time.

My girlfriend and I just started living together, and with our door-to-door sales jobs, we were struggling to say the least. New York City is not kind to people who fall into accidental health issues. With no health insurance, one visit to the hospital will set you back a few months. Adding to more financial stress than ever. But, that’s another story..

I had been working for an Ad Agency in the city as a door-to-door salesmen, selling ad space to local businesses. I have to remind you that I am not a super outgoing person, but I loved to talk to local business owners, and I loved to hear their stories. Believe me, there are some interesting ones, that I could write a book on.

I loved selling door-to-door, but I did not like the way corporate ran it. It was not fun to work with super stressed sales managers.

In the meantime, I had been moonlighting on the Internet, fascinated by the new technology. I joined this new software company selling Y2K software, one of the first Affiliate Programs on the internet. I learned quite early that building a list of prospects is important, so I did.

As an affiliate, I sold quite a number of those floppy disks… LOL, but as it turned out the company was a scam and by December of 1999, they closed down and disappeared into thin air.

I had the first taste of online sales, and even though I did not get paid, I sold online… and I was hooked.

I would stay up burning the midnight oil, learning how to design websites at night, and go to work during the day.

I have been connecting with a few coders/programmers on AOL bulletin boards. I told them that I want to help small businesses to market their products online. Placing ads for them on AOL and Yahoo classifieds etc…

I came up with an idea, where businesses could submit their ads that would then automatically be submitted to major classifieds ad sites online. The coders were excited, and promised to build it for $800.

I had exactly $875 in my bank account, out of which $800 was set aside to pay rent in a few days. I told my girlfriend that I needed to use the money to start this Internet business – and she freaked out!

After going back an forth, trying to explain that the Internet is where our future is, and that I should start something online…. she agreed. We were prepared to face the consequence of not paying our rent on time….

Our first online marketing agency was born!

To make the long story short, we never looked back since….

Our marketing agency allowed us to quit both our jobs by March of 2000, and we never worked for anyone since then. Our agency hit 2 million dollars in sales by 2008, and have steadily grown over time.

Of course, there were ups and downs on the way, but I would never give up the best business model I know of.

Digital Marketing is not going anywhere. Digital Marketing Agencies made 12 BILLION dollars in 2018 (US Only Sales)… and it’s growing exponentially.

There will always be high demand for Digital Marketers. Businesses need us, because we bring new customers and we make them money.

That is why YOU need to get into it also. Providing services for local businesses and creating a freedom lifestyle for yourself.

I have created and opportunity for ANYONE to start a Digital Marketing Agency of their own….

You don’t have to know how to code, program, or do anything. It’s all done by world class digital marketers under YOUR business name.

You can start your first DIGITAL MARKETING AGENCY now… and you don’t even have to pay $800 for it!

, this is the BEST decision I have ever made. It’s been close to 19 years since I started my agency… and I believe If I can do it, you can too.

Take a second look… maybe you did not see the potential… maybe you are wondering how you would market it…. maybe you don’t think it’s for you…

I just want to tell you one thing….

My girlfriend (my wife now) is so thankful, that she allowed me to spend our LAST $800 to start our agency.

We now have 4 children, 18, 17, and twins 12…. Our son started college this year and guess who is paying for his college?

You guessed it….

Our Digital Marketing Agency. 🙂

How about you?

Are you tired of being an Affiliate Marketer, or still joining programs online to make money?

This is YOUR CALL!

Check the Digital Marketing Reseller Business now. Create your own brand and business.