Humans with the Crab-In-a-Bucket Mentality.

If you haven’t heard of “Crab-In-A-Bucket Mentality”, it’s easy to understand — because, my friends, we go through this in our own life ALL the time.

If you put a cast of crabs in a bucket, you’ll notice that the crabs in the bottom will try to pull the ones that are trying so hard to get out of the bucket. They pull down the spirit and drive of the ones that want out!

We experience this ALL the time in our own families and communities.

For example….

You want to CHANGE something in you — for the betterment of your future, but you are PULLED DOWN or discouraged by your family, friends, and peers.

EVERYBODY warns you, because you want something different from what they think you need.

It’s NOT because they DON’T want you to succeed, it’s because THEY FEEL that they are HELPING you — by projecting THEIR OWN FEAR on to you. They really believe that they are doing you a favor!

Entrepreneurs, artists, and philosophers face this the most from our loved ones and friends.

Being an Entrepreneur is cool these days… but when you try to be one, you are pulled down because YOU ARE NOT Steve Jobs yet. (To me that’s F’ing insulting)

Artists face this all the time because there is a stigma of the “starving artist”….(what will be our life like without beauty and insight that artists offer to the world?)

If you want to be a Philosopher… you are laughed at and told you are boring and you are full-of-it! (Where would the Western civilization be, if it was not for Socrates?)

MINORITY communities face this also… which is harmful for the ENTIRE community.

Remember, communities that encourage others in their own community, will eventually have the courage and confidence to elevate the WHOLE.

Ideally, when we think of the ENTIRE HUMAN race as ONE SINGLE community — then we are growing as HUMANS.

Having the insight into WHY they do what they do, will allow you to have compassion for them — and can give you the strength to keep on building your dreams.

Much Love.