You are convinced that something MUST change. But you are struggling to figure it out.
Sometimes an area of your life, or perhaps more than one, has gone COMPLETELY OFF TRACK and you feel like you can’t move forward.
I have experienced this heavy and uncomfortable feeling many times that I have lost count.
We call it “Hitting A Wall”… Paralysis, inertia, and being stuck!
Everyone hits a wall in their journey.
No matter how hard you push forward, you seem to be hitting it and you can’t move forward.
Reality is that we have been walking with our EYES WIDE SHUT.
We are seeing things but we are ONLY seeing things that we WANT to see.
Open your eyes… do you see a physical WALL? Nooooo… But it certainly feels like it…
This is because it’s in our MIND. Its a MENTAL barrier and it feels physical.
It’s time to hit the RESET BUTTON.
Here is a technique that I read in a book, many years ago, called “THE POWER PAUSE”, by John Harricharan.
3 steps and 3 focused minutes to eliminate your mental barriers and move forward.
1. Step one – UN-CLUTCH. The negative feeling we are holding to is just a thing… Un-clutch it from your mind and let them go.
2. Step two – VISUALIZE the best possible outcome that can happen to you. Be specific.
3. Step Three – PAUSE.. and don’t think, or talk about it…
This might sound simple and silly but there are greater powers that work behind the scenes (your sub conscious mind) that will manifest your intentions….
But you have to Unclutch, activate the desired outcome, and let it GO.
I have used this technique many times, and working on it right now, because I NEED A RESET. A POWER PAUSE!
Have a great day my friends,
Much Love.
PS. John Harricharan’s book “THE POWER PAUSE” is an amazing read, so go check it out on Amazon.