I wanna to talk about “money”.
It’s the “500 pound gorilla” in the room… that everybody is wants.
Everyone knows money in important.
Think about it, if money is not important, why are we thinking about it several times a day?
It’s been said that men think about sex every seven seconds.
But depending on your age, that might not be “sex” that men and women are thinking about, it could actually be “money”.

Money and work dominate our daily thoughts.

So money is important and we need some of it to survive.
Yes, there are many many other things that is important, but we know that with some extra cash, we can do more good stuff for our families, and for the world.

So Let’s talk about money.

Most of us are confused about money, even though we hold a lot of our inner space for money.
We handle money everyday, and we work out butt off for money.
Most of us are confused about what real money is.
Don’t get me wrong, I was also confused about what real money was because that’s not taught in the schools…
Here’s what I mean.
We think that money is CURRENCY…. and if we get more currency, we are becoming rich!

Currency is a force that circulates in the society, that’s why it’s called “Current”cy.

Actually currency is NOT currency, if it does not circulate in the society, and benefit the economy.
Currency is something that is specifically created, so that it can easily move around in the society from one hand to the other.
So currency will NEVER stick around in your hands, because it’s supposed to move around in the economy.
If you are holding on to currency, it’s highly likely that you will spend it very quickly… and to replace that currency you will have to work harder and harder.
That’s called being in the rat-race… all we do is work our butts off all our life to replace what we are spending.

So what’s real money?

Real money is something that holds value for generations… if you have real money, you will never spend it on stupid stuff.
So what IS real money?
Land, Natural resources, Property, investment in future technology, and Precious metals like GOLD and SILVER.
So don’t be fooled by holding on to paper currency, because it will vanish in a whim!
If you have currency, save it and invest it to acquire real money.
That’s my message today.
I wish you a happy and prosperous life.