Money Problems. Often shortage of it, or fear of losing it.

Nobody likes to talk about it, yet everybody carries the burden and pressure of their financial plight.

Sometimes it feels like everything seems to be revolving around this thought of “scarcity”. And surprise, surprise… it happens to the best of us.

The other day, I was chatting with a seemingly successful online business owner. Outwardly he projected the epitome of success. Vacations, cars, his own successful youtube channel, right connections and collaborations.. he had it all. He could even be a millionaire, I am not sure.

Yet he was always worried about losing it all.

Money problems. It is not only a middle-class epidemic, it’s a global phenomenon corrupting the hearts and minds of the 99%.

Money infiltrates into every part of our life. Fear of not having it means a hard life, fear of losing it means worry and eventual psychosomatic health issues.


Our financial discontent…

For most of my life, I’ve had money problems. In fact, I’ve always lived with deep sense of insecurity having to rely on money. Ever since I graduated college in 1990, until I started my own business in 1999, I lived paycheck to paycheck.

Even after my business completely supported us, I still had a need for more money for expansion. It’s never enough…


What helped me and is still helping me in my journey….

The idea of money changed when I started studying it closely. After a roller-coaster of emotions, and several bouts of depression in my life, I learned that I am not the only person going through this plight.

Billions of people around the world are going through the same or worse. As humans we are struggling to meet the basic needs of people globally. Not because the planet has not provided us with the resources and means to keep everybody happy, but us as humans are living in fear and worry of not having enough for ourselves. Our planet has enough compassion to provide for every single living thing – many times over!

That’s another subject… I’ll stick with what I wanted to say in this email…


The Success Secrets Of The Ancients…

My financial education started when I came across a free book available in public domain called “The Richest Man In Babylon, by George S Clason”. This ancient wisdom doesn’t just belong to the past, it belongs to present and future.

Here is some of the wisdom that’s available for humanity in this book…

1. The Man who desired gold.

2. Seven curses of a lean purse.

3. Meet the Goddess of Good luck!

4. Five laws of Gold.

5. The luckiest man in Babylon….

This book has the solution for our Money Problems – Go ahead Download it here.

The success secrets of the Ancients is valid in the present and the future.


Speaking of Secrets Of The Ancients…

The REAL material gifts and riches of this planet are none other than the resources found in physical form… like Precious Metals, Resources & Land.

Ask yourself this question…

How much “Ounces Of Gold & Acres Of Land” do we own?

Then ask this…

“How much Ounces of Gold and Acres Of Land” do the Banks and Countries own??

Every other form of wealth is just a derivative of the real material wealth….

Currency is the weakest form of this derivative. The one with the LOWEST FREQUENCY.

There is NO WONDER 99% of the world is suffering from this LOW VIBRATIONAL form of wealth.

Most of us work all of our lives for this FIAT PAPER CURRENCY. This is why it is pulling us down. Fiat meaning, it’s backed by NOTHING that is valuable.


How Valuable Is Cryptocurrency?… You ask.

The “Blockchain Technology” is just a tool and a medium many advancements will be made – FOR SURE! Cryptocurrencies are a medium of exchange utilizing the Blockchain.

BUT!…. (a huge BUT!)….

If the cryptocurrency is backed by nothing other than trust, then it’s just another form of fiat currency.

Therein lies the problem…. We think we are evolving from one form of fiat currency to another… but WHAT IF THEY ARE NOT BACKED BY ANYTHING VALUABLE?


We Have Been FOOLED!

My months of Education about Money opened my eyes to why I feel the LACK OF MONEY in my life.

It’s because I instinctively know that I am HOLDING PAPER MONEY. I have been FOOLED… BAMBOOZLED all this while. Majority of humans have been taken advantage of. Working ALL of their lives for something that they have ABSOLUTELY no control over.

There is a way for Everyday People to feel wealthy again!

Are you ready to break the shackles of money worries and evolve into a peaceful and wise human being? Then click here to start your journey.

For your freedom!

Abe & Martha

PS. We would love to see as many people get free from money worries. Together we can help each other and others that we love!