Today is International Yoga Day! And so Namaste’ to Y’all!

I did post something on Facebook about this ancient practice and what true Yoga is… so you can read that on my Facebook page if you are interested.

But I want to stick with the topic of “Money”, because that’s what I wanted to do… learn and share about different topics and this week’s topic is “money”.

In this video, I want to share a story with you to prove that if you “Chase Money”, you’ll get tired and eventually give up.

What we need to do is to make ourselves so valuable to people around you so that money will start chasing you.

You’ll start attracting money, when you make yourself valuable.

In my mid 20’s I used to work for a Direct Marketing company in Long Island, New York.

We sold all kinds of Business-to-Business services, door-to-door in the all five Burroughs in New York.

We sold Credit card machines, phone services, satellite dished… etc..

I used to go knocking at least 100 doors per day, everyday, to make a few sales.

I was newly married and I wanted to prove to my wife and my in-laws that I can take care of my family.

I did pretty well with selling door-to-door, but I was spending literally 13 to 14 hours a day away from my family… chasing the money.

Obviously, that didn’t work out well and we eventually split up.

And one day, I decided that I am not going to chase after money, and there were other ways of doing it.

When I gave my resignation letter, the director, “Mr. Matloff” seemed shocked.

He said, “Abe, you are one of the top guys here and you are going to lose out on the opportunity to be in the management position”

I said to him,.. “Mr. Matloff, if I had so much potential in me why don’t I start my own business, where I can actualize my potential without being jerked around? Wouldn’t that be the smartest thing to do?”

Obviously he didn’t have an answer to that.. so I left the company…

I didn’t quite get it, because when I started my business, I was still chasing after customers..

It’s not until later on in my career, that I learned that I can attract customers instead of chasing after them by being valuable to them.

I am still learning, and I see so much opportunity for all of us to be valuable to others so that we don’t have to chase after money.

Especially with technology and the Internet, where you can put your experience and knowledge out there where millions of people can benefit from.

As long as you’re chasing it, money will keep running away from you.

You’re the coyote and the money is the road runner.

Nobody likes to be chased, and caught, so you better believe that it will always run away from you when it sees you coming.

The second part is about attracting money, which means becoming valuable enough by yourself.

That money comes to you because of your skills and aptitude.

Let me explain.

The more valuable you become as an individual, the more people will want you to solve problems for them.

This is the fundamental difference between “consumers of value” and “creators of value”.

Stop chasing money, attract it by being “creators of value”.

Build your personal brand, share your knowledge, be valuable, and money will start chasing you.

That’s my Money Message for you today..

Have a happy and prosperous day!