I am glad you are here. My name is Abe Cherian.

I have had this domain for over 10 years, and I have never thought of starting a blog. I kept telling myself that I didn’t have much to share with people — and so it never happened.

So why now? Why start a blog now?

Simple. Life is too short. Plus, I may have some “raw nuggets” that you could polish up, and use it for yourself.

I can already see this blog as a “transformational tool” for me. That is the intention. These posts are not “rantings”, “rough drafts”, or even a “journal”, but ideas that resonate with me. By publishing it, I hope it will be useful at some level to you as well.

I was born in the Southern part of India, in a small state called “Kerala“. My parents were of a middle class Christian family — educated, ambitious, and ready to work hard to support the family. They sought business and employment in the Middle Eastern country of Dubai. Myself and my 2 sisters, traveled back and forth to accommodate the family business. We switched many schools, and even stayed in a Boarding school during my early teen years.

In my late teens and early 20’s, I had the opportunity to study and work in Europe — in the Hotel Management and Marketing field. I traveled and worked in London, UK for over 4 years. Marriage, family-ties, and the desire to start a new life brought me to the United States. As fate would have it, my marriage did not last and it was back to “square one”.

In my mid 20’s I had another opportunity to start over. After working with several Marketing & Advertising companies I had gained some knowledge in the field. I wanted to start a business in the field that I was most comfortable with — advertising & marketing. It was 1998 — owning a business was my passion, the “dial-up” internet was my tool, and financial success was my goal. I was fortunate to have created several profitable businesses, and S.O.S (software as service) platforms online. I worked long hours trying to build a sustainable business, and I still do to this day.

I live in Upstate New York with my partner of 16 years and our four children.

Spirituality (The real reason for this blog)

There comes a time, a situation, an urge within all of us, where we begin to question and feel dissatisfaction with worldly life, regardless of how well it appeared to be going. Questions arose of an existential nature. Life got uncomfortable. Your inner being was pressuring you to wake up! The awakening soul has influenced you to take up the Spiritual Path.

I had always been fascinated by the mystery of existential nature. Like in most of us, this fascination grew as life threw it’s ups and downs in no particular order. I began reading and accumulating knowledge from a variety of spiritual and mystical sources. It was the most revealing time in my life.

Years ago, I was very much interested in mainstream “self-improvement courses and books”. It did help me during that time when I was building a business and trying to be a success. But, after reading and studying spiritual principles of the ancients, I realized that the “mainstream self-improvement” techniques were just a weak rendition of ancient mystical scriptures and teachings — masked in a language to appeal to the masses. Nothing wrong with that, but I wanted to learn directly from the source.

This allowed me to travel around and learn from some great spiritual teachers. I was a collector of Spiritual and Self-development techniques. Soon enough my collection became just a collection of accumulated knowledge — NOT of an experiential nature. Knowledge in itself has less value if it is not coming from experience. Spiritual knowledge from real experience becomes “Divine knowledge”.

Spiritual Practices

The ancient Siddhas Of India, developed many techniques using their own experiential knowledge. One such system is called Kriya (action with awareness) Yoga. It’s a practice of self-disciplined techniques to realize “self”.

The Ancient Siddhas say, “The Key to Happiness is Self-Discipline.”

Kriya Yoga is a five-fold path which includes Kriya Hatha Yoga for the physical body, Kriya Kundalini Pranayama for the vital body, the seat of the emotions, Kriya Dhyana Yoga (meditation) for the mental body, the rational mind, and the seat of the senses, Kriya Mantra Yoga for the higher mind of the intellectual body, and Kriya Bhakti Yoga for the spiritual body, the body of bliss. These purify the individual consciousness at all five levels of existence, building an integrated foundation for enduring peace, love and equanimity. Each of these five types of Yoga profoundly affect more than one body, and in practice, they are often combined together.

Kriya Yoga techniques have been kept a secret for centuries by the Siddhas and has a strict oral tradition — Until Paramahamsa Yogananda revealed about this spiritual science in his book “Autobiography Of A Yogi” in 1946.

After researching and studying about Kriya Yoga for over a year, I took the step to commit to this system. I got initiated into Kriya Practice on September 13th, 2014. I plan to deepen this practice and share as much as I can — or allowed to,  in this blog.

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The photos above are with MG. Satchidananda & Jan Durga Ahlund, both acclaimed Acharya’s (teachers) of Kriya Yoga. My deep appreciation and respect for both, for initiating me into Kriya Yoga.

I wish you all the best in your journey,