My Story: Not All Who Wander Are Lost – by Abe Cherian

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The “Red Porsche” Dilemma

As the gigantic delivery truck lowered its platform and carefully rolled down this gleaming red, high performance sports car, I wondered to myself if I was dreaming. The 1992 Porsche 911 Turbo, that I had until now only seen in magazines (and my dreams), was suddenly parked out front of my tiny one-bedroom Queens, New York apartment. My stomach turned over as I wondered to myself how this could really be mine. I felt totally undeserving of this extremely expensive gift given to me by someone I had met online only a month prior.

Abe Cherian - Multiple Stream Media Story

The “gift” was from a female friend from Garland, Texas for whom I was helping develop a website. She had recently taken over her family’s cotton trading business and was looking for someone who could help get her onto the web. I offered my help, and thus begun a business relationship with a bit of a personal twist. Through our correspondence, she began to open up to me, letting me in on her deepest personal thoughts. These thoughts expressed the turmoil she was feeling inside, her fear and paranoia, as well as the morality she felt about her own sexuality. Being gay isn’t always easy coming from a conservative Texas family, and she was facing conflicting morals as she tried to do what was right for her own personal truth.

Because I had helped her with the website, and receptively opened up to her on a personal level, she decided she wanted to surprise me with an extravagant gift. She let me know ahead of time, yet did not tell me it was the car of my dreams until the day she shipped it. Knowing I was already struggling just to pay rent at the time, I felt immediately that this “gift” was quite a strange token of thanks to say the least.

I wondered how I was going to drive and maintain a Porsche when I was hardly maintaining myself. I also asked myself over and over why this woman, who was practically a stranger, would spend this much money on someone she hardly even knew? Self-validation, I imagine, comes in different forms for different people. Although she meant well, I later realized this “gift” was more for her than it was for me. Sending me the Porsche was simply a matter of her taking whatever measures she found appropriate to feel better about herself.

Before coming to this conclusion, I tried to refuse this strange gesture, but she wouldn’t take no for an answer. She tried to reassure me by telling me how much I deserved this car and that I should start to learn how to accept the good things in life. This “good thing” however, didn’t feel so good at all. This car weighed huge on not only my conscience, but on my dire financial situation at that time.

Its not that driving the car wasn’t easy. Driving the car was a blast. Holding onto the car in New York City was another matter entirely. Not only did I have to rent a garage to keep the thing from being stolen, but had to pay an arm and a leg for the insurance. The New York City cops didn’t make things any easier, either. I would get pulled over for speeding, even if I was going with the flow of traffic. I guess there’s just something about a shiny red Porsche that screams “pull me over.”

I decided I had to do something. As good as the car should have made me feel, it was making me feel anything but. I thought about selling the thing, but it didn’t sit well at all with my conscience. After some time deliberating on what I should do, I decided to send the car back to the woman who gifted it to me. The moment it was picked up to be taken back to Texas, I physically felt a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. Although I knew she meant well, I could not be the scapegoat to justify her self-worth.

I believe there are lessons in everything, and this Porsche and everything it represented came as one of the most valuable lessons in my life. Although I hadn’t asked for anything from this woman, something in my energy must have told her I needed it. In a sense, I imagine I did, because in the end I realized one of the greatest lessons that helped put me in the place I am today. Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn. I learned this power was within me, and from that day on, my life changed dramatically.

I have since owned several exotic cars, and never once have I felt out of place driving them. There has been no anxiety in enjoying things that I know I have earned, and things have changed so much in my life since then in regard to what I own, including my own self-worth. My life is full, and so much has changed since this experience that happened over twenty years ago. There have been so many circumstances, events, and situations that have propelled me to where I am now.

My name is Abe Cherian, and this is my story.

“A Journey of a Thousand Miles Must Begin with a Single Step.” – Lao Tzu

abe-story-1Born in 1968 to a middle-class family in India, I credit my parents for doing a fantastic job raising not just me, but my two sisters as well. They did the best they could by trying to demonstrate a well-balanced life so we could go into the world with poise and balance. The values they instilled have stayed deep within me until this day. It is because of them that I hold the cultural, material, and spiritual values I am proud to maintain.

It was early on in life that I realized achieving financial success is as simple as knowing the market’s wants and needs. I also found out that working effectively to package, present, and deliver these wants and needs as good as I could was just as important as knowing what was in demand. This I learned from my father, and to this day could not be more thankful for the life he demonstrated.

As an entrepreneur his entire life, I watched my father start businesses that he has taken to great heights. I have also seen him on the verge of bankruptcy and total despair. As I saw him go from selling clothes on the street in his early years to owning one of the most successful retail outlets in the city years later, I realized he accomplished everything he did through hard work and an intensely strong discipline.

After high school, I was unsure of what I wanted to do with my life. I was lost as to what my strengths were, so decided I would travel to help broaden my mind and give myself a deeper sense of what direction I wanted my life to take. What I did know was that I did not want to do as most traditional Indian families do and adopt a “secure” profession.

Not All Who Wander Are Lost

Hotel Business Management in SwitzerlandI decided the best course to “find myself” would be to enroll in courses somewhere in Europe. This, I thought, would give me ample opportunity to travel, allowing me to find exactly what it was I was searching for. With the help of my very supportive parents, I enrolled in a three-year course study for Hotel and Restaurant Management. While taking these courses in Switzerland, I knew that I would never pursue anything that had to do with the hospitality industry. I only knew that I wanted to travel and experience as many other cultures as I could around the world.

For seven years from the ages of 17-25, I was given the opportunity to search for what I was looking for. In this time, I studied, travelled, and worked around Europe and London with several chain hotels. Although fun and exciting, this time was also stormy and often very unstable for me. Through everything I learned, I know I would never trade these experiences for the world. This foundation has led me to where I am today, teaching me countless lessons that I still continue to learn from and apply to the present moment.

It was in 1995 that I migrated from Europe to the United States, with the hope of taking on yet another phase of adventure in my life. These hopes however, were overrun by what I felt was an obligation to my family. With the Indian tradition comes certain expectations, and my parents were no different. There is a huge responsibility toward family, and to prove my loyalty to my parents, I agreed to settle down and prove that I could be a son they were proud of.

It wasn’t long before my life drastically changed. I suddenly found myself with a new job and new bills, not to mention a new wife and new family members. I felt I was living a life that was not my own and it wasn’t long before the rug was literally pulled out from underneath me. It wasn’t even two years later that I was divorced and left with $20,000 in debt. I was left in an extremely toxic environment with my ex-wife’s family and did the only thing I could think of. I left.

66I did not want to let my parents down, yet I could not return to the hospitality industry that left me feeling empty. I only wanted to get as far away from the depressing life I suddenly found myself in and start something new. Instead, I did what most people in my situation do that can’t find a job. I went into sales. Not just any sales, but “door-to-door” sales. My life seemed to go from bad to worse overnight, yet I tried to keep my head up and find some kind of humor in my new situation.

“A salesman knocks on the door of a home and it’s answered by a twelve year-old boy with a cigar in one hand and an empty bottle of scotch in the other. The salesman asks the boy, ‘Excuse me, son, but is your mum or dad in?’ The boy looks at the salesman as if he’s crazy and replies ‘Does it fucking look like it?’”

“A salesman knocked on my door today. “Who currently provides your internet?” he asked. “My next door neighbor,” I replied.

With my new position as a door-to-door salesman, I seriously ran into several comical incidents just like this pretty much every week. As funny as it seems now, at the time it only felt like one rejection after another. I felt like I was literally learning from the school of hard-knocks. Fifty to eighty knocks a day was doing the best it could to help me figure out how I could make things work another way.

At the time, I was working for an advertising company in Long Island that had carved out a pretty nice niche for themselves in the local marketplace. They offered businesses the opportunity to advertise on local supermarket shopping carts and on the back of cash register receipts. I was the guy responsible for selling this niche to the people who were thought to need it.

This was not, mind you, an easy job. Meeting people who were strangers and trying to break the ice was just the beginning. I had to then try to sell the product, convincing them it was something they needed. A huge benefit for their company, I would tell them. I was met with a lot of rejection, yet still had to keep a positive attitude for the next business I would visit. it is definitely a rare breed that can keep their patience and maintain a great attitude while being met with rejection day after day.

The sales job, however, was not without its advantages. Some of the skills I learned while immersing myself in this crazy position truly gave me what it has taken to build an independent life for myself. One of the strongest lessons I took from this time was the obvious push needed to “think outside the box.” This mindset has truly instilled me with the much needed confidence and boldness required to start my own ventures and become the successful businessman I am today.

During this time, I also learned how to ask good questions. One question I remember asking potential clients was how many of their potential clients shopped at the grocery store in their area. I then asked them how much they would like these people lining up to buy their stuff. These questions almost always led business owners to think about the potential in what it was I was trying to sell. When I had gotten their attention this way, I was simply someone that could get more clients to their door.

I also realized that in order to be a successful salesman, I needed to know how to listen. Most salesmen are fast talkers. It seems to be something that is almost expected of them. The reasoning behind this is that people think fast talkers are more persuasive, but I’m not too sure about that. I think that one of the best attributes a sales person can have is the ability to be a good listener. The most basic and powerful way to connect with someone else is to truly listen to what they have to say. The most important thing we can give someone is often just our undivided attention.

Toward the end of my “career” as a salesman, I knew in my heart that I could not spend my life on the streets selling things. Although thrilling to live on the edge and meet new people, I never saw myself doing this for more than a year or two. I knew it was time to move on. Moving on, it would turn out, was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Moonlighting in the New Frontier

“The critical ingredient is getting off your butt and doing something. It’s as simple as that. A lot of people have ideas, but there are few that decide to do something about them. Not tomorrow. Not next week. But today. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.”
Nolan Bushnell

I knew I had to do something. When I walked away from my marriage almost twenty years ago, the only things I took with me were my Compaq 200 MHZ Pentium Pro computer, a few essential items of clothing, and my books. Perhaps it was the fact that my computer took up the entire back seat of the cab that made my decisions what they were. Sometimes, I think when you break ties and burn bridges it’s a good thing. That way, there is no turning back and nothing left to hold you there.

Abe Cherian - Moonlighting on the Internet 1997In 1997, there was a lot of talk about the internet and the possibilities it held for e-commerce. If this buying and selling on the internet was to go mainstream, it meant there was already money to be made online. Researching this possibility, I came across a company that sold a comprehensive e-learning system for teens that offered a $7 commission for each customer that was referred to them. Internet sales at that time was nothing what it is today. I had to learn how to reach people, and reach them quickly if I was to find any success working for this company.

Since I had been active in many AOL forums from the start-up days of the internet, I wanted to see if I could make these sales from people I already knew. I make a couple sales from this forum, but always attributed it to people feeling sorry for me. In these beginning days of the world wide web, people were not as trusting as they are now giving out their credit card information online. This made it extremely difficult to close sales, and doing follow ups with potential clients was literally the only chance I had to convince them that the company I was working for was legitimate.
A lot has changed on the internet since its beginning. Back in these days, spamming was not only considered a justifiable strategy, but was actually encouraged. Collecting lists of email addresses and sending them offers was a go in the minds of most online marketers. For a while I worked hard, reaching hundreds of people by going down these lists and sending individual emails. I suppose it worked good enough at the time; I was able to make a few sales, but realized it was far too much work.

I found some progress in a software program called “Group Mailer”, and I was able to literally send hundreds of people information with the click of a button. What a concept! The party didn’t last long however, and pretty soon ISP’s were catching up and most marketers were forced to stop this practice.

In this time, I realized there were seriously thousands of people online searching for ways they could make money through the internet. This was literally the dawn of the “Gold Rush” period online, and just like the Gold Rush of the 1800’s, many people were being scammed and cheated. For the many scam artists and cheats out there, there were still a few legitimate companies that paid their affiliates on time and deeply cared about their online reputation. In the midst of crisis, there is always hope.

Selling Picks and Shovels

Selling picks and showels onlineBack in the day, there were thousands of people who gave up their “normal” lives and moved out west with the dream of making a fortune digging for gold. Everyone knew that just one good find could make them rich beyond their wildest dreams. Not everyone was so lucky, and not very many made the fortunes they were looking for.

A funny thing happened along the way, though. There were some very smart witted people who figured that there was another way to make a lot of money from the gold rush that had nothing to do with digging or panning for gold. Those gold seekers needed the tools necessary to chase their dreams and there had to be someone to supply them. Picks and shovels were a hot commodity in the days of the gold rush, and the people that sold them ended up doing just as good as some of those that struck it rich.

The online marketing business was not much different in its “gold rush” stage. There was a need for finding good tools and resources that would generate leads and customers. Just like those that were selling picks and shovels during the gold rush, there were a few that were succeeding online that knew the right tools to use. The ones who didn’t were dropping off like flies.
Along with some others that were full-time online marketers, I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Among these people were computer programmers, online marketers, and web designers, all of whom saw the potential in selling the tools and resources necessary to help people succeed in online business.

To make my own life easier, I started compiling resources and categorizing them in order so they’d be easier for me to find. This was “pre-Google”, and people had to search for hours to find the right tools and resources for their business. I decided to share what I had categorized with others, finding that this was an extremely valuable service for those in the same situation as I.

I took what I found to the next level and created my first online based membership services. was launched and with it I was able to help thousands of people who needed these services. On this site, I offered a membership based forum where people could pay a small fee to gain access to organized resources all in one area. Within the first month, I had made my investment back and then some. This single idea gave me what I needed to focus on the next step of my life without having to worry about what I would do to make ends meet.

Being in the Flow

Between 2001 and 2008, I experienced tremendous success both in business and my own personal life. Have you ever found yourself so completely immersed in what you’re doing that you lose track of time? This is what I experienced in these seven years, and truly felt I was in flow with the natural rhythms of life. I had found my way, and with my dedicated focus, I found success to follow.

In my business life, I combined my knowledge of online advertising with my knowledge of building SAS (software-as-service) programs, and was able to launch numerous small business platforms online. So successful was what I created that I was able to build an in-house team and rent my own office space.

The team I built was a group of “product centered” professionals, all of whom had a keen eye for customer satisfaction. With the help of this amazing team, we were able to create advertising networks and email list management tools for the internet marketing community. Through this, we were able to help tens of thousands of online marketers and small businesses use these platforms to increase leads and sales for their businesses. Many of these businesses are still going strong to this day, and I can’t help but feeling a sense of elation in helping them reach these goals.

abe-story-3At the same time, my personal life was flourishing. I met the woman of my dreams, and between 2000 and 2008 we had four beautiful children. Needless to say, we were on top of the world at this time, which is something I imagine just “happens” when you are in the flow. The experience of this flow in both professional and personal pursuits leads to increased positivity, greater performance, and a commitment to long-term, meaningful goals. Although we all experience this blissed out state at some point in our lives, it wouldn’t be fair to mention such success without touching on its challenges.

Taking the Good with the Bad

“When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”
Paul Coelho

While everything was shining bright and going as smooth as silk for those seven years, in 2009 I hit a wall. One of the hardest things for an entrepreneur is the sudden absence of creativity due to financial stress and monetary obligation. Unexpected changes in the economy during this time really shook things up, and the flow I had been experiencing seemed to cease completely.

Due to the fact that we were primarily a business-to-business service, the shift in the economy certainly affected us in more ways than one. Many of the small businesses we catered to started heavily cutting down on their advertising budgets. The result? Our revenue began to cut down with it.

This drastic cut in revenue instilled a lot of fear and anxiety in me. All of a sudden my world was coming out from under me, and I had no idea what to do. My team felt it to, and the tension between us grew. It was in the beginning of 2010 that with great humility, I had to let go of everyone that was part of my in-house team and try to move forward alone. With all the hardship entailed, I did learn a valuable lesson through it all. You can’t be “winning” all the time.

No matter how optimistic we are as entrepreneurs, there are outside forces that are always going to try and limit what we are capable of. This is true in anything in life, and as an independent businessman, I have truly experienced this more times than I would care to admit. Competition, regulations, and technology changes can all quickly change and adversely affect your business and cash flow right along with them.

The regulations I could handle. I had been in the business long enough to know that these are constantly changing. Technology is another component of my business that is also in a constant state of change, and something that I am used to. However when these components change dramatically at the same time, there is little a business can do to cease sudden falls in revenue. Oftentimes, these drastic changes will phase a business out completely.

To put things a little clearer, let me give you an example. The majority of our revenue came from keeping constant contact with our subscribers using email. From 2012 on, there have been dramatic changes in regulation and technology in how email is delivered. So drastic have these changes been, that the result is communication with clients and customers quickly cut, resulting in loss of revenue. There is no doubt that email is evolving into one of the most profitable commodities for large telecommunication corporations, but for those that are involved in online businesses, the change has been more than a little disruptive.

Lessons Learned Along the Way

In being an entrepreneur for most of my life, I have found that this profession is not without many lessons that go right along with it. I am constantly learning, and this learning has led me down many different avenues encouraging not just to learn more about business, but more about myself as well.

One thing I have learned is that entrepreneurs are not always in a positive state of mind. Is anyone? While no one can truly predict the future, there are entrepreneurs that like to think they’re able to. Limitation is an ugly word for those trying to make it on their own, but something that must be realized if there is to be lasting success. These limitations we all experience remind me of a quote by Jim Rohn, one of my favorite people in the self-improvement field.

“For a farmer, springtime is his most active time. It’s then when he must work hard around the clock, up before the sun and still toiling at the stroke of midnight. He must keep his equipment running at full capacity because he has but a small window of time for the planting of his crop. Eventually, winter comes when there is less for him to do to keep him busy.”

This quote has always resonated with me, because sometimes as growing businesses, we tend to forget that the slower times (winter) will soon fall upon us. When are businesses are young and prospering, we tend to think they will always be busy (spring). It is pertinent to know as entrepreneurs that we must be wise and conservative in all seasons. Our decisions and actions should always be delegated with the fact that slower times could be right around the corner, and we should always be prepared for such.

I have personally learned many lessons when faced with unexpected challenges. It has not always been easy and I have made many mistakes along the way. I have tried to change people who haven’t wanted to change, realizing that a person will only change when they are ready. We all have certain priorities, and there are times in our lives when our priorities will be vastly dissimilar.

As an entrepreneur, I was also under the delusion that I must wear multiple hats to run a business. When I first started out, I believed I must do everything by myself. This would be the only way, in my mind, that I would reach the success I was aiming for. Rather than wearing multiple hats, I realized what I truly needed was to multiply my time. The only way to do this was to hire responsible employees that would allow me the time I needed to become a success.

One of the biggest mistakes I believe I made during these hard times, was letting my fear control me. Fear is an energy with one of the lowest vibrational frequencies and is toxic to our entire beings. This mental poison does nothing but contaminate the subconscious mind and destroy our self-confidence. Fear is nothing but an agent to increase all our miseries in abundance.

We will all be faced with challenges. Without them, we would not know what it was to appreciate the good that life does bring. When challenges enter our lives, rather than looking at them with fear, we must find the awareness within that our lives are about to take us on an entirely new path. Perhaps this path is the one that leads to our true calling, and one that gently guides us to our ultimate destiny.

Success Made to Last

“Most people think that they are prosperous only when they have plenty of money, but real success means to have all things at your command-the things that are necessary for your entire existence.”

Abe Cherian - Iquitos PeruFor the past several years, I have been searching. What I am searching for is not the next big advertising platform or to make money from the newest technological ideas. While these have potential to blossom into a multi-national corporation, it is something else that I am looking for. What I am searching for is success that will last a lifetime.

The business I love has become partially self-sustaining in recent years. I refuse to give up. My girlfriend and I work a full-day, everyday, managing what we have. We work with a team of outsourced professionals that we are eternally grateful for. It is through their hard work and determination that we are able to focus our time on new ideas where we can help each other and continue doing what we love.

At this point, I am in it for more than discovering my innate ambition and learning new money making methods. I feel that I must do something every single day that will satisfy the cosmic plan for which we are all sent to the earthly plane. I think the reason that most people are unhappy is because they forget to harmonize their material life with the duties and demands of the greater cosmic plan. This is the plan that demands we satisfy our souls not only by doing that which makes us happy, but by increasing the happiness of those that need it most.  Through all of this, I have realized before I may love and help others, I must learn to love and help myself.

The Value Found in Silence

Abe Cherian - The Yogi EntrepreneurAfter the economy collapsed and I was forced to let my team go, I found the practice of daily meditation and self-reflection began to slowly start to transform me from within. Although I have been self-reflective since I was divorced in 1999, I didn’t think of this seriously until about four years ago. It was then I began a daily practice of meditation and started to understand that there were numerous realms in my own being that I had never fully explored.

The real lasting success and freedom that we all desire can only be experienced in these inner realms. It is here that we are met with our truth, and discover within what it truly means to be a success. To understand the value of meditation, we must understand the value of silence. In the stillness silence brings, we are able to see things as they are, without the distractions not only from the outer world, but also from within our own minds. It is these distractions that are meant to keep us from finding our own true selves.

It is through the practice of meditation that we are offered the opportunity to find our innate inner nature and the truth of the person we are. Our minds create our reality, and retreating from the distractions of the outside world where we can create any reality we desire is one of the most beneficial things that meditation offers us.

It is only through the silence of our minds that we are able to create what we want in our life. No one is forced to do anything they don’t want. We all have choices. It is up to us, and only us to choose what we feel at any given moment, no matter what is going on around us. Remember, you can choose to be happy, sad, angry, or full of joy at anytime you wish.

The Realization of Self

“Is there a power that can reveal the hidden roots of riches and uncover treasures of which we have never dreamed? Is there a force that we can call upon to give health, happiness, and peace of mind? I believe that the path of self-realization is the only true and lasting way. There are really not many things in life that are guarantees of true happiness. As all things change and have no permanency in our lives-only ‘self’ is permanent, and so realizing ‘self’ is ultimate success.”
Paramahansa Yogananda

Searching for the “self” can prove to be far less easy than it may sound. Finding the time to silence the mind and search within is difficult if the basic needs of life aren’t met. What are life’s basic needs? We tend to think of these only as food and shelter, but our basic needs run much deeper than just these two small pieces of the whole.

Some of our most inherent needs as humans are not only food for the body, but food for the mind and soul as well. Our health can be met with food for the body, mind, and soul but this food must be of the highest nutritional content, well balanced and full of the rich nutrients and vitamins we need to sustain our highest selves. Through this sustainment comes the power to concentrate, which is another basic need if we are ever to be of lasting success.

Having an understanding heart and people we can share this with are also truly some of our most basic needs. Without heart and friends to connect with, our souls wither to a fraction of their true essence. Wisdom in action is another one of our basic needs, for without it we tend to continue to make the mistakes that keep us from living in a successful way.

It is only until we develop our own personal power to get what we need, can we truly get what we want. We must do whatever it takes to satisfy our immediate needs, and transcend the urges that tell us to do otherwise. We may used learned skills, tactics, and other strategies we’ve picked up along the way to try and gain this personal power, but it never seems to stick around when gained through this manner.

You may think of the material successes you’ve experienced are a tell-tale sign of the personal power you possess. Yes, material success can be a stepping stone to other successes in our lives, but true personal power can only come from within. It is only through conquering self that we can truly have it all.

Living with Grace

I believe in life, we should realize when we “get lucky.” As much as we would like to think that the successes in our lives are because of our great minds and brilliant moves, we may be sadly mistaken. Thinking back upon my own life, I did not strategically plan anything at all. What I did do, however, was become receptive to the universal law of cause and effect and allowed grace to enter into my life. There is no true progress that can be made without truly being conscious of and living with grace.

In grace, we find a certain compassion in living with the world. To live gracefully, we conduct our lives in a tactful manner, respectful of both the people and circumstances that make up our lives. Grace can mean many things to many different people, and is often a difficult concept for many to understand. In my own personal life, I have found the that understanding the deeper meaning of grace, at the very least, makes us more resilient to the challenges life undoubtedly brings.

To me, grace seems to take the form of accidental occurrences that we may not always recognize as blessings. Grace may manifest itself in the form of suffering due to loss, a profound spiritual experience, or perhaps as a feeling of great peace that descends over your being. This can be thought of as spontaneous grace, and we may attribute it to a force or entity outside ourselves. While this is often the case, there is also a point where we reach state of conscious grace, one that is brought upon only through experience, and something we should pride ourselves with sharing with the world around us.

A New Social Media Revolution –

Finding a vocation that is in line with our personal philosophy is difficult for many of us to do. As life progresses on, we tend to move further and further away from the dreams of our childhood and our core desires. This, however, can be changed. By using the power of our thoughts and our dynamic will, we can turn things around realize that we truly have the power within to live our life’s purpose.

This, I believe, is easier to do when we have others to share and support our dreams and desires. For well over a year I have strategically been planning on how to connect people who wish to live their truth and turn their dreams into reality. I now sit poised, ready to start the next phase of my professional life, helping people do just this.

SpiritualityWeb is a social media platform that is much like Facebook and other social sites. The difference, however, is that it is a place solely for likeminded people who are searching for truth on their spiritual journey. SpiritualityWeb is a place where one can connect, share, and inspire without the distraction of negative influences. I graciously welcome you to visit and help us all unite.


Abe Cherian is the President and CEO of Multiple Stream Media.

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