Our relationships are reflections of both Karma and Dharma. Life puts on our path certain individuals who are close to us, both with whom we have Karma and those with whom we do not have Karma.

“As long as there is Karma, the impressions to act, we have to act. When there is no Karma, total effortlessness happens. It is in effortlessness that unconditional love dawns, and every life is aching for that love.” – Mahavataar Babaji.

Most often, those we meet along the way are not people who will help us the most, but the ones to whom we can be most useful. For one the the lessons in life is to learn to serve others. It is said that anyone who comes into our lives comes due to Karma. We have to honor that Karma, but, we do not have to take it personally. We can see it as an aspect of our practice (Sadhana), as a process of breaking free.

It is said that there is no way we can avoid relationships that are Karmic. We came into this incarnation with Karmic arrangements to meet certain people and share certain experiences with them. People are in out lives for specific purposes. When those specific purposes are fulfilled, the Karma is over and there is no way we can keep those people in our lives. Because of Karma the person comes, because of Karma the person goes.

I believe that we have relationships that are Karmic in nature and Dharmic in nature. If we look carefully into the way our relationships come in to our life, and how it makes us feel during and how it leaves — we can identify whether it is of Karmic or Dharmic nature.

What are your personal thoughts on this? I would love to hear..