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Humans with the Crab-In-a-Bucket Mentality.

Humans with the Crab-In-a-Bucket Mentality.If you haven't heard of "Crab-In-A-Bucket Mentality", it's easy to understand -- because, my friends, we go through this in our own life ALL the time.If you put a cast of crabs in a bucket, you'll notice that the...

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What Is Your Ceiling For Yourself?

What is your ceiling for yourself?Close your eyes...Think of the highest activity you can SEE YOURSELF doing.What is it?Can you see yourself leading and helping 1000's of people?Can you see yourself with the most beautiful and loving life partner?Can you...

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The Power Of Visualization

Do you know WHY it's SO HARD to change our realities? From financially struggling, to feeling rich... From fear of everything, to absolute confidence... From laziness, to inspired actions.... From unimaginative, to creative genius... From conformity, to...

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Are Your A Creator Or A Consumer?

Hey Guys, Hope you are doing well... It's a beautiful day...and I am just kind of... detoxing my mind and body, after my trip to Vegas...It was a very exciting trip and we met with so many people that we've been connecting on Facebook and other social media...

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The Most Powerful Predictor Of Success

This is going to be a short one...A dear friend, and someone I consider as a mother figure -- Erika R. Mohssen-Beyk - I love you Erika..She send me a video that gave me some insight into one of the most important qualities of a person, who is bound to be successful in...

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What Can Meditation And Contemplation Do For You

If you develop a practice of Meditation and Contemplation, here's what will happen to you.....🧘‍♀️ You will be aware of every happenings inside your body. You will sense it. The blood flowing, the heart pumping, and all your sympathetic...

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Marketers Think Differently About Social Media.

🗣 Internet Business Truth:"Real Marketers Think Differently About Social Media."I see so many people here on my Facebook feed, working so hard, and complaining that their business posts are not getting any engagement or sales.I want to shed some light to help,...

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Authenticity In Marketing

You have no idea.... how thankful I am to be connecting with many of you on social media in a meaningful way!Thank You guys!... You are the BEST! and I am learning a lot everyday!We are still on the topic of "Internet Business & Marketing"!And today, I'd like to...

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Why is good business partner tough to find?

Internet Business Truth:Why is REAL business Collaboration / Partnership tough to find?If you've been searching to find real partners to work with, then this insight may help. 👫 👭 👬When we engage with others on Social Media, we are looking for...

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