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Source15.com is a Branding & Design company for online Entrepreneurs who are looking to stand out of the crowd and be noticed. We provide several services including businesses that are ready for your to take orders. Learn more


WeboreneurMedia.com is a marketing agency for solo entrepreneurs and online marketers. We provide several marketing services including, done-for-you campaigns,, design for marketing, and traffic and lead generation services. Learn more.


AdClickmedia influences world largest audience interested in Business Opportunity, Personal Development, Health & Fitness, Finance & Crypto, Cannabis / Hemp industry, and Yoga & Spirituality. Read more

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Lessons I learned from quitting my job with NO back-up plan.

Warning! Do not do this if you do not feel it in your gut, or don't have a clear intention in your heart... Trust me, you'll know when it happens. I am not going to go into too much detail, but I wanted to share 3 things that I learned when I quit my day job to pursue...

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Celebrating Labor Of Love

I believe that everyone has what it takes to be creatively happy in life and work. To do something great requires a labor of love. This coming weekend we celebrate those who dedicate their lives to such labors. Happy Labor Day Weekend! Most people are lured by the...

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Pessimist or Optimist?

Would you describe yourself a pessimistic or optimistic person? If so why would you describe yourself in this way? After many many agonizing years of worrying about everything in my life, I have given up being a pessimist or an optimist. To me, life is a flow now....

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