Productivity before Money.
I remember when I used to beat myself up, get all stressed out because my business was not producing on a daily basis.
Sometimes there was no action for days and we get all stressed out.
You know exactly what I am talking about if you are in ANY kind of business.
Sometimes it’s happening, but other times you are worried sick because there’s not revenue coming in.
Here’s what I did, I stopped worrying about the revenue on a daily basis and started focusing on “Productivity” on a daily basis.
Happiness inspires productivity… and productivity inspires happiness….
Productivity is key to our happiness. When we feel that we have done something productive everyday, that gives us a sense of clam and a sense of accomplishment.
This feeling of accomplishment and calmness, attracts more people to you, and the more people you help the more revenue your business makes.
It’s the Law Of Attraction. That’s how the Law of attraction works for everything in our life.
Health, Wealth, Relationship… everything.
You have to feel in alignment with what you want… without any stress and anxiety.
If you are working an online business…

Here are some productive things you can do everyday:

– You can connect with 5 new people a day. (Don’t spam them, just get to know them)
– You can help someone answer their questions. (Without pitching them right away)
– You can make a short video about you and your business.
– You can do something everyday to drive traffic to your site.
– You can start a paid campaign.
– You can write a blog post
– You can connect with people on Facebook, linkedin, twitter.
– You can start a YouTube channel
– You can do a Facebook live
There are a million things you can do to be productive on a daily basis — instead of worrying about daily revenue.
The trick here is to train yourself to be disciplined enough to think and act this way.
Don’t judge your success in the daily… judge yourself on a yearly basis…. and give more importance to DAILY PRODUCTIVITY… rather than spending time worrying about money.
Stay happy and productive everyday!