🗣 Internet Business Truth:

“Real Marketers Think Differently About Social Media.”

I see so many people here on my Facebook feed, working so hard, and complaining that their business posts are not getting any engagement or sales.

I want to shed some light to help, give you the “Marketer’s Perspective”, on why this is happening.

📌This is NOT intended to put your marketing down, or for projecting self-importance.

My compassionate self is aware that, everybody goes through phases in their career, and I go through rough patches emotionally in my journey too, just like you.

This post is for people who want to use Social Media to advance their business & life.

But first, let me set the context on why you are spending a lot of time trying to connect with people on Facebook:

▶️– You were told by your company or others that Social Media is the way to go.

▶️– You think social media is free, and you don’t need any investment to promote your business.

▶️– You think social media is a fun way to spend your time, and make a living at the same time.

▶️– You don’t know any other way to promote your company, but there’s always “Facebook”!

▶️– You have made a few sales with social media, but it’s not consistent.

Am I right? (I invite you to tell me if I am wrong about this)

Let me take you into the hearts and minds of a Marketer. 🧘‍♂️

📈– Marketers love to STUDY people’s behaviors and patterns.

📈– Marketers are not dreamers, they are “numbers-people”.

📈– Marketing is a science and can be measured at various stages.

📈– Marketers use their creativity to tell an average story in an interesting way.

📈– Marketers are always trying to use their time, in the most efficient manner.

📈– Marketers reverse-engineer a situation to make crucial decisions.

📈– Marketers use different media / platforms differently, based on the consumer’s intention and state-of-mind.

On the flip side…

😈– Desperate Marketers use manipulative techniques to sell.

😈– Desperate Marketers study unethical persuasion techniques and use them.

😈– And sadly, most marketers are desperate. (I know I’ll get slack for this one)

Now, Let me ask you this…

With this much knowledge in your arsenal, how will you use Social Media to your advantage in a ethical manner?

First, understand this…

📌– Not all social media platforms have the same use for a marketer.

📌– Marketers must learn the “intention” and “state-of-mind” of people, when they are on a certain platform.

Understanding what each platform will give you….

✔️FACEBOOK – To build and improve on your connections to a certain level (certainly not for immediate sales). Facebook is also good for sharing value, up to an extent. Facebook used powerful emotional triggers to keep you in the loop, but that may not mean sales. Facebook is a highly emotional platform, so people don’t like to make a final judgement or buying decisions for fear of making the wrong decision. To really make sales from Facebook, you have to take them AWAY from Facebook into “Your World”. Remember Facebook is for Facebook ONLY.

✔️INSTAGRAM – To keep your BRAND in front of people. This platform users have very low attention span, and so your long pitch is simply ignored. If you are in e-commerce, you may benefit a little, but not for free.

✔️LINKEDIN – Good for igniting business interests, phone and face-to-face appointments, but certainly not for immediate sales. Consumers usually don’t hang out on Linkedin, and only B2B people are on most of the time.

✔️PINTEREST – Good for creative services, art and photography sellers, and for brand images. Pinterest has proven to be good for SEO Ranking.

✔️YOUTUBE – People go on youtube to learn about things. Longer attention span from Youtube users means more time for you to get noticed. Spend more time developing your YouTube channel because it can make you a star in your field. Think about it… have you ever heard of a FACEBOOK STAR, or a LINKEDIN STAR, or a PINTEREST Star? But there are YOUTUBE STARS! 🤩

So how do you use Social Media to advance your Business and Life?

If you ask me, which platform performs better for me – I would say…

✔️✔️YOUTUBE. The most personable, brand building tool on the planet… plus the longest attention span if you know how to use it.

But, don’t get me wrong… other platforms are useful too… people seeing you on different platform helps build trust and confirmation.

Know this, Social Media is ONLY a “vehicle” (Media) that carries your message…

🗣… the REAL MESSAGE has to come from WITHIN YOU…. RAW and unfiltered… and with Compassion…. consistently.

Be as real as you can be…. People can smell a “load of Bull” from a mile away!

Much love,

Abe Cherian