No matter how knowledgeable we are about spirituality and self, most times we are struggling with just being joyful. Why is this?

The reason we are not happy or joyful all the time is due to these laws of the ordinary mind and the demands of the ego.

Difficulties disappear when egoist concentration upon desire disappear. Difficulties disappear when we stop thinking, “Me, me, what about me?”

If we are not living in joy it is because we have work to do to purify our ego, mind and emotions. The ego makes us go up and down, happy one minute, unhappy the next minute.

When we live in consciousness of our ego-self, our body, and what happens to it, we subject ourselves to the rule of our fluctuating emotions.

If we live in a greater consciousness, we can live without being selfish, without motive, without holding grudges, and in equanimity, neither in elation nor in distress, but in happiness, beauty and peace.