I used to be a self help fanatic in my early 20’s into my late 30’s. I read as many books in self help that I can get my hands on, bought courses, and went to self help seminars… you name it.

I did not completely stop consuming these great ideas from amazing people, who wants to change the world…. but in my 40’s a big shift happened in my life.

I needed a different kind of advice. Advice from the wisdom traditions of the world. My teachers here were a little bit different from the conventional self-help space. They were spiritual in nature… and they live their life without fear. They live their life with self-awareness.

When this realization hit me, things started to change.

If we are looking for “outside forces” to motivate you, change you, achieve your goals for you, we are going be disappointed.

Watching motivational videos, and reading inspirational books may motivate us or inspire us for a “short span”. But if we want it to really stick, we need to look “inwards”. Since our life experiences are different, and unique to us, we need to work on those layers and layers of blocks.

Self awareness is the key. Being aware of the erratic thoughts that’s going on in your mind and taking responsibility.

It’s gonna be YOU who ultimately will unravel your own limitless potential.

You are going to be celebrated in life for what you do in the dark…. things that you do when no one is looking.

It’s gonna be YOU that changes you. We are all given the same life force, and we all have the same limitless potential. It’s up to US to completely create our reality.

This is what life has taught me, and I wanted to share that with you.

I would love to hear what you think about this topic. Your comments are appreciated!