A Prayer before every meal.

Every meal we eat is a blessing, yet we take it for granted. Our body is an accumulation of all the food that we consume. Here is my family prayer before every meal.

“Divine Father, loving Mother; Thank you for this blessing of family and food; Thank you for all who prepared this meal for us; Bless this food so that our body and mind may be nourished with Vitality and Light; and so be it. Aum..Aum..Aum”

Divine Father, Loving Mother: God has no form. God is everything around us. Each and every one have masculine and feminine aspects to us. When we pray we pray to the Divinity in us. The Divine nature in us is also our God.

Thank you for the blessing of family and food: The company of our loved ones are precious. Enjoying meals with them is a real blessing. The combination of Family & Food is not permanent, nothing is. So we need to appreciate it.

Thank you for all who prepared this meal for us: If matter is energy, then it holds energy vibrations of anyone who have handled it. Food when harvested, are handled by many people before it got to our table. We need to Thank everyone who handled the meal in front of you. If you are a non-vegetarian, we need to be especially thankful for the life of the animal that we are about to consume.

Bless this food so that our body and mind may be nourished with Vitality and Light: The food we consume nourishes us physically. But when we add positive thoughts it nourishes us with vitality and light.

And so be it: Our prayers are more powerful, when there is valid faith and intention from our part.

Aum…Aum..Aum: Everything in the Universe is said to be originated from vibrations. Vibrations manifest sound. Aum or Om is said to be the original sound — the sound of the universe. Generating the sound AUM or OM within you creates a powerful vibration within you and projects outwards. It’s a good idea to hold your hands above the food in front of you while you say AUM/OM, three times.

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