Visualize Laptop Lifestyle. 

A lean and toned body, sitting on the beach, 15″ Macbook Pro resting on the lap, gazing at the most exquisite sunset. That’s the image we visualize when we think about “Laptop Lifestyle”.

A genuine possibility or an idealistic mirage? Let’s explore.

To me, Laptop lifestyle means I work at home, on my terms and I get to work with amazing people miles and miles away.

I get to help many people and they are building awesome businesses on their terms, with THEIR lifestyle in mind.

I doesn’t happen overnight. It didn’t happen overnight for me….


I created it.

I worked for it.

I got up early for it.

I worked late for it.

I slept less than 5 hours a night for months for it.

I earned it.

I’ll never stop being grateful for this lifestyle. I’ll never stop sharing how grateful I am. You know why? Because it’s my Why, my mission, my greatest desire to deliver on this message to you.

The message that true freedom and joy from your business is possible. Not only possible, VERY possible. But YOU have to decide what it will look like. It won’t just show up at your door!

The Laptop lifestyle to me is in a word…. FREEDOM.

It is not just about physical freedom. It’s emotional freedom to feel happy in what you are doing. It’s work freedom to enjoy what you truly enjoy.

It’s a choice to work with only the people you LOVE to work with! I love to make the the Laptop Lifestyle possible for people around the world.

I create businesses of people that they can run in their own terms and create a freedom lifestyle for themselves.

Would YOU like to have a Laptop Lifestyle?

Working whenever you please, where ever you want. It’s a good feeling.

Most people cannot imagine themselves living a freedom life.

“Make Money Guru’s” have put the idea into your head that in order to live a Laptop Lifestyle, you have to promote their high ticket products. You have to spend your hard earned money to promote their products and make them famously rich!

I personally know at least 30 people who have spent 20K+ buying into high ticket opportunities. But I have yet to hear a true success story. Most of them give up within weeks, of buying into these programs. 95% of them drop out within months – and they never talk about it again.

Truth is, you have to have your own site or business to really run a serious business online. You can be doing multiple businesses online, but you must have something of your OWN.

I want to give you an opportunity to own your own site, with your own pay-button so that your clients pays YOU directly. There are two opportunities to own multiple businesses so that you make money right away….


Here they are….


Laptop Lifestyle Businesses You Can Start Under $300

Dropshipping Sites Selling In Demand Products

Own your own Aliexpress Dropshipping storefronts. Minimum forecast for these sites is around 10 sales per day which would produce $100-$200 Net Profit per day (Assuming $10-$20 net profit per sale) $700-$1400 per week easily achievable with ability to grow sales.

Marketing Agency Re-seller Serivices

This is not an affiliate program. You own the websites, where YOU take payments for the services we provide, and pay us our fee to service your customers. For example, you sell something for $800 and your supplier delivers to your customer for $400.

Click on both those links and read how it works. You will soon understand why having your own source of income is more exciting than wasting your money on promoting other programs. ‘

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or call us — We are here to hook your up the right way! Have a great week ahead!

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