Now that I have done a few awkward videos, now that I am over with it… it’s time to share some good value with my friends.
It’s OK to be awkward… it’s OK to be vulnerable….
When we attempt to do what we have not done before, things get a little awkward.
I have attempted to do videos before, but never published it, because I didn’t feel it was perfect.
I was an idiot.
I thought that videos are for people who are good at public speaking… and for people in show biz.
I am not a showbiz person… I am not a public speaker…. I am an entrepreneur who is building a brand — CHERIANMEDIA
Social media is NOT showbiz, it’s real life… and real people.
I want to tell you something…
I published 8 awkward videos in the past 10 days, and guess what?
“Mari Smith” – “the FB QUEEN herself”, reached out and commented on one of them.
The Mari Smith, whom I’ve followed for years and years… reached out can commented, to thank me for mentioning her on the video…
How awesome is that? Where else will you get that kind of reach?
Guys, what we do for hours and hours every day in our business to market our brand can be a lot more powerful with one 2 minute video.
It’s called LEVERAGE.
Robin Sharma said this.., “People without leverage work for those with leverage.”
We started our entrepreneurial journey so that we can do good work and support ourselves.
Leverage your uniqueness, be vulnerable, learn from every mistakes.
I am so grateful to people who support each other in this community. We need support from our peers and friends!
Have a great day guys!