What would you do if you don’t have the support of others in your life?

I used to think that I really don’t need people to make me happy.

In school, I had one good friend. In college I had 2 good friends.

When I started working, I had hardly any friends. Nope!… don’t feel sorry for me. At that time I actually didn’t mind.

When I started my business, I had one good friend… and we decided to make a life together. That’s my wife of 24 years.

You know… I really think, at a sub-conscious level…we (my wife and I) decided to have 4 kids because we wanted more people around us.

But on social media, I have 1457 friends… That’s too many friends to really care and take time to know them!!

Facebook wants us to spend all day on facebook…

Honestly, facebook should have named it “Possible Connections” or even “Solicitors”, instead of friends!

We should’ve know that facebook had a huge “business angle” and they only cared about making money off of us.

And that’s the honest truth!

But in business we need people. People are the driving force for any business.

If you want to make an impact, change the world, you need people. Duh!

And that’s where social media comes in. It’s revolutionary if you think about it.

Imagine in business, if we are still making phone calls, sending fax, writing letters, sending postcards, just to connect with people?

It’s REAL change… and we have already embraced it…

It’s also becoming super user-friendly for any age. Our grandparents can use facebook… and they do!

Use it to share your ideas, opinions… Use it to build a business, and connect with your customers…

Use it to create the next revolution for a better world.


I am now changing the way I think because of social media and people who are connected with me.

I can honestly say that my wife and I, we sometimes have conversations about some of our friends on facebook… in a good way of course.

Have a great day!

I would love to hear what you think about this topic. Your comments are appreciated!