What does it take to know who you are? What does it take to realize our Self?

We may say we want to go within, to close our eyes and see the Divine Presence, but when we close our eyes what we see is all the stuff of our mind. We see our hopes and dreams but rarely are they of finding the Divine. Why? Because our mind is filled with imaginings and we allow our thoughts to have their way.

Even in meditation when we catch a glimpse of our Divine Self we cannot become absorbed because our mind is so fickle.

To be worthy of finding the truth of who we really are requires us to re-train, purify, and discipline the mind to develop faculties that we already possess. We can develop our powers of concentration, visualization, meditation and contemplation, but that is NOT enough.

“To be worthy requires Spiritual Maturity.”

A consistent Yoga practice is necessary in order to establish in us the qualities of spiritual maturity, purity, discipline, and aspiration. We must learn to first become aware of, and then to control, our thoughts, moods, emotions, and actions.

To be worthy of finding the Truth requires that we take control, observe, purify and then develop the potential of the instrument, known as the mind.

That’s why I think self realization is the hardest thing to do for many of us. It requires Spiritual Maturity, and that takes time.

Do you agree that we need a certain level of Spiritual Maturity to realize Self? What are your thoughts on this?

Sending you Love and Light,