What is your ceiling for yourself?

Close your eyes…

Think of the highest activity you can SEE YOURSELF doing.

What is it?

Can you see yourself leading and helping 1000’s of people?

Can you see yourself with the most beautiful and loving life partner?

Can you see yourself in the best shape ever?

Can you see yourself as the igniter and facilitator of other people’s dreams?

Can you see yourself walking into your boss’s office and handing the resignation slip, and saying “Sorry, I have to move on”?

Can you see yourself starting a new business venture?

Can you see yourself as a CEO of your company?

Can you see yourself as a best selling author?

Can you see yourself as a powerful speaker?

Can you see yourself making millions of dollars?

Can you see yourself never ever worrying about money?

When you think about you doing those things…

…How does it make you feel at the pit in your stomach?

Does it feel like you are very comfortable with those thoughts, and you can clearly see yourself doing those things?

OR, does it make you uncomfortable and say… “oh no… I don’t think I can get to that level”.

What is your ceiling?

What is your comfort level?

If your comfort level is to make enough money to pay your bills..

If you are saying to yourself.. I’ll be happy with a few extra dollars…

Or, I am fine with the way it is for me, physically, mentally, and spiritually…

Or, if you are comfortable with… “I just want to be peaceful and happy….

Then that is YOUR FUTURE. You have sealed it, and manifested it for yourself.

It’s an invisible ceiling, but it’s REAL for you.

What is your ceiling? Your highest visualization for yourself?

How do you raise that ceiling, or even obliterate it completely?

By doing things that is a little higher that your are comfortable with right now…

By awakening your soul, and seeing your own inner strength.

By being open to Grace coming into your life.

By loving yourself.

By eliminating self-doubt, self-denial, and self-hatred.

If you are still reading this then, you have an intense desire to wipe out that ceiling that is holding you back….


Much Love,

PS. This photo on this post was taken in MOMA (Museum Of Modern Art) in New York City in 2015.