Happy Sunday!

Most of us are living in the past and anxious about the future… rating ourselves for the things that have happened to us,,,, and not being able to moving forward…

We need to forget and FORGIVE….


Close your eyes…

Now let yourself rise up… let yourself float above ALL that you have done…. and ALL that has been done to you.

As you rise above it all… you become lighter and lighter. .. more and more filled with love.

And as you rise up, you can see all the things that have happened to you from above.

But UP HERE… you are UNTOUCHED by them.

And while you are here in the LIGHT, that darkness CANNOT touch you.

And you begin to FEEL the essence of who you TRULY are…

Remembering the times that you showed kindness to others…. kindness to animals… to the earth….

And soon, you begin to notice… that you are starting to feel your childhood-like curiosity… and feeling of growing love, joy, dignity, patience, and compassion for the struggles of the world…

As well as the hardships and lessons you have encountered in this life.

Let yourself take in all of the things you are grateful for… as from UP HERE, you can see there are others in the world that have it even HARDER than you.

Really FEELING the gratitude for all that you have…

And perhaps even sending a prayer, or just a thought of goodwill.. for those who have less than you.

Put yourself in this HEALING LIGHT and the person that you TRULY are…

…and the strength and the power of your true self will overcome any pain that has been inflicted up on you, knowing that it is NOT who you are that causes us to make bad decisions… and go out-of-line.

The way back, is to make decisions that are in line with who we are. In other words, the wisest part of us, that honors and cherishes all life including our own.

So ask yourself, “Is there something I need to do to make things right? … and what would be the least harmful ways to make amends? .. the way that would NOT make matters WORSE, but will enhance the life of whoever I harmed.

Sometimes, making amends is simply offering anonymous help or prayer from a distance, or perhaps you can make a decision to act on what ever it is your heart is calling you to do RIGHT NOW.

And so… let yourself relax in the love and the light of your true self up here for a moment more…

And remember, how wonderful it FEELS to be yourself, UNHINDERED by the past, by judgments or shame that are not truly part of who you are….

Remember the Goodness that you’ve offered to others at times, or kindness that you plan to offer in the future…

Now noticing that you still feel your genuine and unique self… and knowing that this wise and true part of you will help to guide you to make good decisions when you pay attention.

Be grateful for being who you are — unique and unconditionally valuable… no matter what you’ve come to believe over the years….

…because every passing moment is an opportunity to make things right….

to MOVE ON..


Much Love!