Internet Business Truth:

Why is REAL business Collaboration / Partnership tough to find?

If you’ve been searching to find real partners to work with, then this insight may help. 👫 👭 👬

When we engage with others on Social Media, we are looking for three things.

1. Collaboration or Partnership 👬

2. Potential clients 💲

3. And to build supporters and to support others ❤️

We must do this in a friendly and social way, and at the same time, add something that you believe to be valuable to others.

What I want to talk about is “Collaboration” and “Partnership”.

This is a tough one, and one that can give you the highest leverage in your business.

Some people think “Collaboration” and “Partnership” is as easy as finding people on Facebook and BOOM! you are making money…

“You scratch my back, and I scratch your back”…. Right?


Collaboration or Partnership is complex, and it’s not that easy to find the right people to collaborate and partner with.

Why is this?

Because to partner with another person, you have to ALIGN YOUR THINKING & VISION with them, AND on top of that, they have to have a DIFFERENT SKILL SET, that YOU DON’T HAVE.

For Example:…

If YOU are good at MARKETING and you want to create a digital product, you need YOUR PARTNER to be good at PROGRAMMING / or good at MAKING that product.

Apple succeeded because of Steve Jobs’s marketing skills, combined with Steve Wozniak’s programming skills… and they leveled up to each other’s values.

What we are having trouble with is, matching those two things to find the right partner.

You can find someone who levels up to your thinking and value, but you BOTH have the SAME SKILLS!…. NOT so useful.

You need to find someone who you has SAME or SIMILAR VISION, and have a DIFFERENT SET OF SKILLS, than what you have.

Here are some examples of skill set matches to find the right people to collaborate with:

1. Marketer & Programmer
2. Publisher & writer
3. Introvert genius & Extrovert people-person
4. Technical person and Creative person talent
5. Creative person and person who can delegate

Well, You get the idea!

One thing we must realize is that WE CANNOT DO IT ALONE.

I learned this the hard way.

In my first company, I thought that I had it right, but after 8 years in business I realized that I only had one aspect right.

I loved Marketing and my partner was a genius programmer.

But our visions were completely different. So it didn’t work out. Still friends. 👬

This is why true collaboration and partnership is difficult… but it’s not impossible.

If you are a couple trying to build a business, you should understand this concept of aligning values and the needed skill set, to create something wonderful for yourself.

I wish you the best.

Much Love!