quentin tarantino and moneyQuentin Tarantino has never been the one to play by the rules.

And his non-linear, gore filled films have always been popular because of it.

But he is about to take that to a whole new level.

Because his next film The Hateful Eight is 3 hours long with an intermission and an overture. The film will also have title cards that will begin each chapter of the film.

And that’s just the structure.

You can bet your house that those three hours are going to be filled with enough cursing to make a sailor say,  “Wow!” and enough gore to make a zombie say, “No thanks!”.

And while some people might think that since the film is so different from what people are used to, it won’t do well. But that is exactly the reason as to why The Hateful Eight will do well.

At a time where people can sit through a minute of commercials without getting on their phone why would they pay to sit through a film that is 3 hours long?

The average person who is walking down the street listens to music while checking their emails while thinking about what they are going to Netflix when they get home.

And people are going to watch one thing for 3 hours?

You bet they are.

Because Tarantino has a system that is entertaining and people know it. His system of extremes gore and character with mouths they couldn’t kiss their mothers with in situations where killing is the only clear solution is incredibly entertaining.

That’s why he can make a film that is three hours long.

Because he has a proven system that works like a charm.

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