no ideas, wrtiters block, confusedNot too long ago, I was working on a writing project.

I got to a point where it just wasn’t coming. It was late, and I needed
this thing written the next day. So I refused to go to bed, until I had
written it(Also, I had a hundred other things to do the next day). Well, the later I
stayed up, and the more Caffeine I drank… the more tired I got. And it still
wasn’t coming. But I refused to give up; and so I kept trying to write the
piece until I fell asleep at my computer, and woke up 8:00 the next morning.

May be, that sounds familiar to you.

When you need to get something done…

And so you try to muscle your way through. But it just isn’t coming….

If you’ve ever tried that before, here’s something you need to hear:

You’re fooling yourself. You are fooling yourself into thinking that “just muscling your way
through” is the best way.

Let me suggest an alternative:


Stop what you’re doing, take a step back, and figure out what the better
way is.

The sooner you do that, the sooner you’ll find a solution that will
actually get you the results you’re looking for.

Sure, it would be nice if just charging your way through hard tasks
worked. But you don’t have infinite brain power. And you need to learn how
to live in light of that.

So where are YOU hitting the wall?

Work? Finances? Relationships?

Next time you catch yourself just trying to ‘muscle your way through
something… using the same old method, to little avail…


Take a step back. Find the better way. There are lots of options out
there. And it’s up to you to go find a better one, since it’s rarely gonna
come knocking on your door.

I won’t claim that starting your own business “changes everything.” Or
that it “will immediately solve all your problems.”

That would be silly. And false.

But it’s a darned good alternative to a lot of the stupidity you’re
probably putting up with in your life.


Abraham Cherian